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LA - AK (From 31ft - 14,000ft above sea level)

May 5

Leadville brought on the sickies. I started to feel miserably sick. I didn't know what to do with myself and thought that surely I was going to bust open, hurl all over the truck or die. 

I forced myself to fall asleep. Well all I could do was lie down anyway. After a long while and little sleep, I felt a tad better. 

Maybe it was the motion sickness or the altitude (We went up 14,000 feet!) sickness or something else. I don't know, but I DO NOT want to feel that way again!

Leadville is famous in it's own right too and you can read more about it HERE.

We then went on to the Rocky Mountain Peak National Park. It was a beautiful drive, but loooooooong.  We got some flurries along the way and wanted to cut straight through to Estes National Park but a few hundred miles into the drive and we came upon a locked road. Yes locked. There was a gate across the road and it was locked!!! In the rockies!!! So you couldn't just move the orange barrels aside and proceed to your danger.  We had to turn back and take on the journeying of 200 miles out of the way to get back into the groove of our vaca-tour.  And those 200 miles had nothing to show of it! 

They said the road was close for May is not a winter month....but then again we are talking about the rockies eh. 

We enjoyed the watching our truck mileage rise from 15.3 to 21.4! whooooo and hauled ass all the way to Wyoming. We arrived at 2am, exhausted, drunken with tired and barely found a motel...let's make that a 'otel.

LA - AK (From 31ft - 14,000+ft above sea level)

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