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National PTA Webcast


National PTA Webcast

Forty years ago, the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers (NCCPT) and the National Congress of Mothers united to form the National PTA, adapting the same mission they had operated under separately – to improve the education and well being of every child. Today, while many strides have been made there are still obstacles that need to be conquered, both inside and outside of the classroom and across ethnic backgrounds.

That’s why PTA is offering this exclusive webcast from the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis!

The webcast features National PTA President Chuck Saylors and actress, mother and National PTA Advisory Board member Tichina Arnold. They discuss the challenges of educating the 21st century child in the 21st century classroom and what needs to be done to close the achievement gap in education. They also discuss what parents can do to take on a more active and hands on approach to their children’s education.

Joining Chuck Saylors and Tichina Arnold during the webcast are National PTA representatives and Ambassadors; Tomeka Hart, Executive director of Memphis Urban League, University of Memphis student representative; as well as Barbara Andrews, director of Education and Interpretation for National Civil Rights Museum.

As our nation’s K-12 public education system faces critical issues; widespread funding shortages, a childhood obesity epidemic, disproportionate academic standards across the country and our students lagging behind compared to children in other countries in math and science, it’s important for parents to be informed and get involved.

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