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Pink Power Moms Need Your Support

Become a Facebook Fan and Be a Giver
Each year, Bright Starts™ honors and rewards eight women for their inspirational fight against breast cancer.  Not only have these women persevered through their battles, they have become inspirational leaders and role models for their families and communities. Whether they have started their own breast cancer foundation or have taken on an active role in existing charity organizations, they have made it their goal to make a difference in the world. You can read about these women at

The 8 winning Pink Power Moms will be rewarded with the following:
  • A $5,000 Donation to the breast cancer charity of her choice
  • A weekend of pampering with all 8 of the
    Pink Power Mom winners
  • A chance to be selected as the Bright Starts™
    Pink Power Super Mom and to receive additional charity donations plus appear in a Bright Starts™ print advertising campaign

Bright Starts™ wants to help these women and support their cause. We invite you to Become a Fan of Bright Starts™ on Facebook and Be a Giver. Through the month of June, Bright Starts™ will donate $1 for every new fan that joins us during the campaign to benefit Pink Power Mom charities. These moms will appreciate your help and support.

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