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Anger - WW

I have the intense desire to smash things when I'm angry....sometimes I do. It's never a good thing. I rarely give in. I must buy a punching bag when I can.

Before marriage I never used to get angry at all. I'd swallow it completely and just smile. Now I can't seem to keep it inside and I wish more than anything that I could, especially now as a wife and mother. I don't understand it why it's coming out. 

Anyway, now I get to see this plate very often and it's a reminder. I am also the only one who gets to eat out of it. Sigh.

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  1. Uh oh...I actually have the same urges, and I know they are not good. I always want to hit something or throw something...and it is an urge I have to learn to overthrow. Otherwise, you do have nice looking dishes! Have a good Wordless Wednesday!

  2. I can sympathize with that urge to smash or throw things, too. It can sometimes be hard to channel into something constructive, or at least less destructive. Actually, taking photos helps me a lot.

  3. Over the years, I have bottled up my anger and it often becomes depression. I've learned that when I'm annoyed about something, that I need to say it (to whomever it may be) otherwise it gets pent up and explodes, especially over something silly like spilt water. It takes courage to tell someone that you're not pleased with them, but sometimes it's the best thing. Then again, with some people (like husbands?), it's often like talking to a wall. :)

  4. Colette, I don't know you, but I read one story about your childhood. My guess is that you always felt anger, but never trusted those around you enough to express it. It takes a lot of trust to show all sides of yourself to someone and know they will still love you.

    You know, a child is sometimes perfectly behaved at school, then will come home (where Mama and Papa love him best of all) and throw a tantrum over something silly.

    Perhaps your relationship with your husband is trusting beyond those you experienced in childhood.

    Please excuse my intrusion if I am reading this all wrong. It is well meant and from hard personal experience.

  5. Before I became a mom, I'd slammed doors whenever I got very pissed off. Now, I try not to show my anger especially smashing things or hitting things when I'm upset because I definitely don't want my kids to pick up on that nor do I want them to think it's ok to release anger like that. My sister-in-law does it and it terrified my kids once when they were at her house. They thought she was going to hurt them or herself.

  6. I've sen other ppl do it but usually I'm way too rational to want to break something whichcost hard earned $. I do remember once when I was so utterly conflicted that it felt as though I was breaking down inside that i wanted to break something outside of me. Don't think that I did but I do remember the overwhelming feeling. Our world is so ordered. I would guess you need an outlet for emotions which have no other means of expression.

  7. Would it help to exercise or go for a run or something to kind of release it?

  8. What an impressive header!!! All the colors and scenery!

  9. Why don't you try what I do. When I get truly ticked I CLEAN! I mean really thorough cleaning, and I scrub hard, really hard, and most of all I talk to NO ONE! Not even if they're talking to me, and if they try to talk to me I turn around, and give them THE LOOK, and they know to leave me alone. WORKS FOR ME!

  10. I find myself counting to ten before I say things or act out now that JDaniel is two.

  11. Funny I stopped by today because Dumb Dad made me so mad that I actually envisioned myself punching his face. Like I could see it. And feel it. It took everything in me not to actually do it. I've not really felt that way before. Not so intensely at least. And I just sat their and imagined myself doing it until I started to laugh. You know, at how surprised he would be. At how I'd probably just hurt my hand. At how ridiculous it was to even be considering it. At how good it would have felt to have actually gone through with it. It helped. He probably felt like punching my face because he was having a "serious" talk AT me when I started laughing. But, whatever. I felt better which is what really maters, right?!

  12. Sorry you are angry. Deep breathing and counting to 10 always helps. Can you go someplace quiet with a pillow and scream into it? That works for me too.

  13. Oh, I get angry like that, too. I have learned to keep it under control, though, because in my current situation I HAVE to.

  14. Ok, did you break the dish because you were mad or are you mad because you broke the dish?

    What came first the chicken or the egg?

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's for Dinner

  15. Sorry you are feeling that way. Hope you can find some answers. Maybe talking to a neutral person could help?

  16. Oh hun, I know what you mean. It can really freak you out, but you are a great wife and mommy.

    I say save your china, start a ranting blog or journal...punch a to a friend (your SIL maybe?).

    I have broken a few of everything over the years, now I cry in the shower...I know that can be a lot of darn showers.


  17. It doesn't happen to me often, but it does happen. Sometimes you just get overwhelmed and stressed out.

    The punching bag is a good idea. I bought one couple years ago,lol.

  18. exercising does the trick for me ;)

  19. Yup, I can relate. I broke our front door latch slamming it in anger and now I have to see it every darn day. Sigh...

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  20. i hate that ...
    you know what you could do?
    try painting?
    not the pretty pics and stuff, but the abstract, where you throw the paint at the canvas...
    google JACKSON POLLOCK to see what I mean....

  21. Yeah I totally get what you are saying. When I get like that though - I go to my room shut the door and scream into my pillow. Works everytime for me...well almost. When that doesnt work I go into my bathroom (which is so far away from everything no one can hear me and I hear no one) and scream and cry outloud. that does the trick


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