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Big , Bad and Loud - How Toddlers and Kids Like it! - Shirts That Go!

About Shirts That Go:
Our Inspiration - It is what we are about
When our children see vehicles such as trucks and trains they are just AMAZED and captivated by them. We share that feeling at Shirts that Go! All vehicles are interesting, but certain ones are really noticed by kids and tap into their imagination and wonder about the world. Let's consider a few examples that have inspired us. 

We take our boys to watch the trains go by at a local train line. We park in, of all places, a fire station parking lot! The parking lot happens to be right on the rail line and only 50 feet from a railroad crossing (with the gates and everything). 
We know the times roughly for when the Amtrak comes by on Sunday mornings, so we sit in our van and wait for the train to come. Soon, a train horn can be heard off in the distance... the boys start to get crazy excited. The excitement builds as we hear a few more train horns as the train approaches other nearby crossings on the way toward us. Then... the crossing gates start to come down with the familiar "ding ding" warning bells. We are all at the windows now and the boys are riveted. Then - here comes the diesel engine at about 60 miles per hour. It's loud, it's HUGE, and the ground is shaking a bit. WOW!! Boys are there with eyes wide open and just blown away by the experience of this incredible machine. Soon, it is gone, and we are kind of spinning as the energy level comes down a bit. 
We all have a bit of adrenaline surging from that experience for the next 20 minutes or so, and we are so excited about our day.

So, what is Shirts that Go! all about? Cool designs on t-shirts... or is there something more? We are trying to connect with that sense of wonder about the world with our line of kids t-shirts. We understand that we cannot bottle that energy and put it down on a shirt somehow. What we can do though is provide awesome shirts with realistic vehicles shown in motion to let the kids share their love for these vehicles. To us this is all about adventure, travel, transportation, early concepts about careers, imagination, dreams, possibilities, awe, and of course FUN! ...more

My thoughts: 

The shirt I received for this review came in the cutest box! It has a monster fire truck on it! Guess who is not giving up that box until it shreds!! lol. No..not me. I meant my son.

When he had to choose the shirt online, he took forever! And he choose all of them! I explained to him that, he can only choose one and then we went over the choices numerous times! Well you know how toddlers are. We kept bouncing  between the Train t-shirt, Fire truck t-shirt, Airplane t-shirt and the Tractor Trailer t-shirt. For some reason, the Motorcycle t-shirt was eliminated quickly. Then I realize, it's because the boy does not have a motorcycle toy! He loves to hear the motorcycles rev and see them whiz by! So I guess I have something I can buy for him as a gift after-all :) 
He finally settled on the Tractor Trailer t-shirt!! Yea I was almost ready to just pick for him!

Then every time we got the mail, he wanted to know if his shirt came :) He is definitely getting older and smarter.

This shirt fits nicely and although I have not washed it as yet to see if it will shrink or not and how the picture on the shirt will hold up. The verdict is; it's a pretty darn cool shirt and would make any kid happy!

Shirts That Go has a very exciting selection of construction and transportation themed kids t-shirts in various sizes and will be adding the Garbage Truck t-shirts to their collection soon! These trucks are another must watch for my kids. They will race from window to window to watch this truck go around the neighborhood and pick up the trash cans. I simply cannot explain the fascination, but I , like them have developed an ear for the sound of the garbage truck when it turns into our neighborhood street :)  
I'm one of those mommies shouting' Garbage truck!', so the kids can run away and give me five to myself :) No wolf crying here, I meant when there actually is a garbage truck coming through. 

These shirts are great for any child and perfect for gifting. We all know how quickly kids grow out of their clothing.
You can also send a personal note with your order, if you are ordering for someone else. I like the personalization option plus you get free shipping on all orders! Another really great thing is that they are made in the USA! It's so rare to find something that is made here in our country. I like that.

I know I'm a girl and all but I love me some trucks. I mean 3/4 ton dodge ram, crew cab etc,. You get the idea. That's another kind of truck I'd love to see added to Shirts That Go line. 

And I also have the outcome of the wash! It held up!Woot. 

So grab your kids and check out Shirts That Go

You can also find them here on Twitter and Facebook

Thank you Shirts That Go for this review opportunity. Great job with these shirts! I received the Trailer Truck t-shirt for my son for this review.
See my disclosure.

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  1. Great review for lovely shirts!! We have a sugar cane train track runs 1 house over from us - but if we stand on the bench on our back patio we can see them when they cross the road! Small trains - but so much excitement for the kids - and their friends when they visit! I love that kids are excited by the simple things in life! If only we all retained that through adulthood!

    Have a lovely week!

  2. Shirts that go for kids that go! Love it!!!!

  3. Great review.

    My youngest son would love to have a shirt like that and so would my little nephews.

    I have to tell my sister and maybe we can get an order together for their upcoming birthdays.

  4. Nice review! Love those shirts! Your son has great taste. I will have to bookmark their website for presents ideas. Just saw your comment on my blog. I am not too good at it and I have no idea where it will go but will see lol. I have already changed the design like 4 times and I am trying to understand everything.
    Thanks for stopping by :)


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