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I Love Color - CSNStores

All my plates are off white. I do not like this color on anything. I'm a caribbean girl and I LOVE color in everything I do and own. However I didn't purchase the plates that I have now. If I did, then I'd go for bold and beautiful, like Corelle. Dinnerware should not be boring! After all, it's a constant in our lives.

Today, Corelle is the most recognized brand of dinnerware in the world, with very high customer satisfaction and awareness ratings. It is estimated that Corelle brand dinnerware can be found in 40 countries and almost half of the households in America.

You can find Corelle at CSNStores where you will find affordable prices and just about anything you want for your home and office from their 200+ sites.

Check out These dinnerware and come back later for the review and giveaway that I'll be hosting for CSNStores. 

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  1. Those are all pretty. Nope you definitely need some color in the kitchen.

  2. Those are beautiful plates.

  3. wow.. i love colorful plates.... im on my way my friend....

  4. I like the polka dotted one. My plates are boring old white. Booo!!!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's for Dinner


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