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It's All About The Benjamins! - WW

I'm teaching my babies all about money. Gotta start early so they get into the grove of it and understand that it does not grow on trees and it's sweeter when you work hard for it and it's not handed to you. 

The boy's pig is past half full because he started a full two year before the girl, but they don't mind or know the difference :) 

In the store he says, mama I want this and this and that and I say 'well you left your piggy bank at home' :)

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  1. Right on...I am still trying to do the same.

  2. That's a great lesson to teach at a young age!!!

    Love the piggy banks. They are really cute!

  3. You are smart to teach them early. Plus the piggies are cute!

  4. I love their piggy banks, they are so cute.

    It's important to teach kids about money especially last few years.

  5. So great that you are teaching them early to save!

  6. Definitely an important lesson for all kids to learn. I love those piggy banks - very cute!

  7. I wish it grew on
    love the piggy banks..and the kids are cyte too.

  8. Very important lesson. They are adorable!

  9. Brings back some very faint memories of when I was a wee kid and I got my first piggy bank. I might just get myself another just for the heck of it...

  10. Great photos and RIGHT ON for teaching them early about money!!

  11. They are too sweet! What a great idea too and those are some fancy piggy banks.

  12. never to early...
    love the banks...

  13. They are so adorable!!!When My kids were little i bought a roll of tickets. Chores were worth x amount of tickets and the tickets were put into jars and counted out at the end of the week. The children picked out items from the toy store they wished to earn which were displayed along side the jars. My son told me he has printed out play money for my grandson to earn doing chores around the house and he uses it to "buy"

  14. I do love a piggy bank! Jack actually has two and we're trying to teach him these same lessons! The kids are just adorable! I haven't blogged in a while b/c I was having trouble writing my latest post but now that I'm back, I've enjoyed catching up!

  15. Teaching kids about saving money is so important! I tell mine a similar thing that they don't have enough money for an item and they better keep saving!
    I love the picture of your kids, they are such cuties!!


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