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Sesame Street Bath Time Essentials!

The Sesame Street bath mat and toy organizer is here! 
You'd think the kids would give Elmo the red carpet, instead like normal kids, they took one look at Elmo and made a mad dash for the bubble wrap!

And the fun went on, because everything in the package has to be utilized right?  Yes, they wanted to use the box as a pulley, but of course they saved the best for last:

The Elmo bath toy organizer and the Elmo dimensional bath mat "splish splash" which I received for this review. 

Bath time excitement was high! At first they thought they were getting Elmo toys, then I laid the bath mat down and they puttered around on it, asking if they can get the Elmo stickers? *laughs* No, sweetie, those are the decorations for the bath mat.
The inspections went on and then the fun started with bath and jumping up and down on the mat, telling me they aren't slipping anymore and that the mat is making funny noises :)

I've never had a bath mat before. This is a fun first experience. It's calming one of my biggest fear when my kids are in the tub if they slip and fall, whether from playing or just standing. You know how kids are. 

There are times when I'm giving them a bath and I have to wash each feet and I'd tell them to hold on and give me a foot and sometimes they'd slip and you know that feeling you get in your heart when that happens. So I'm really glad that I now have this mat to help keep my rambunctious tots safer in the bath tub.

They were more interested in loading and unloading the Elmo bath toy organizer. In and out. In and out...almost the whole bath!
We did not have a bath tub toy organizer either. I really never thought about it since we just recently got bath tub toys and usually when they played with their regular toys I'd just try them off with a towel and they would take them back to their rooms. 

This Elmo bath toy organizer is really cute and sticks on to the shower walls very well to allow the handling from little children. It has easy access and it's in my favorite color red! I like that it's mesh and light which makes it easy to dry and the water from the toys drains out easily. 

Elmo Bath Toy Organizer
Encourage your child to clean up his or her bath toys with this vibrantly colored Sesame Street Elmo mesh organizer, generously sized to hold a paddling of rubber duckies and more. Two suction cups adhere it to any smooth, even surface.  
Elmo Dimensional Bath Mat "Splish Splash "
Soapy suds can be quite slippery. Ensure bath time is boisterous and boo-boo free with this skid-resistant mat, playfully adorned with your child's favorite licensed characters. Skid-resistant suction cups for use on smooth, even surfaces only.
Pretty much everyone knows Sesame Street and our kids adore the programs on t.v. 
You should know about the Sesame Street workshop and store also. Everything you purchase at their store goes back into educational and other projects to help children all around the world and I think that's awesome. So you aren't just buying your child a gift, you are also giving one to children all around the world!

The Sesame Workshop has been making a difference in children's lives for over 35 years.
From Brooklyn to Kabul, we connect with millions of children to help them reach their highest potential.  Numerous research studies have proven the effectiveness of Sesame Programs around the world and there are now Sesame programs in over 120 countries.

We are proud to report that this mission has garnered the attention of many people, from world leaders and educators to parents and caregivers. Discover the many ways in which Sesame Workshop inspires and impacts children, media and the global community.

So visit the Sesame Street store and see all the fantastic happenings at their website!

I received the Elmo bath organizer and bath mat for this review. We love the products and they are fun and essential and easy to talk about. 
Thank you Sesame for this review opportunity. See below blog for my disclosure

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