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Wyoming To Mount Rushmore/State Pride - LA To AK Vacation Trip - WW

May 6

Dust on my wheels to you Wyoming...wait, there is no dust. Just snow :) Ok. Puffy white stuff to you Wyoming :) I'll be seeing you again on the other side.

It seems we are always in a hurry to be up and out and on the way. I hate that! I didn't get to comb my daughter's hair this morning before we left but whether we like it or not, South Dakota, here we come! 
It might seems a little matter, but I like when my kids are groomed and presentable. Why make them look all shaggy and scraggly?

The miles to cover is long and what I notice is how far apart many people live here. Would you live 56 miles away from a neighbor? heck no. I want my neighbor to hear me scream if something is happening but not so close that I can paint their walls through my window. 

Onward to Mt Rushmore! Gimme more!

We visited Mount Rushmore but was thinking we'd be disappointed since it was all foggy and cloudy the whole day. 

We had a meal before walking up to view the faces of the famous and surely it was a miracle they weren't charging for sitting in the chairs at the table. We forgo drinks to keep our tab down!  And the taste was just as yuck! 

There was snow everywhere and shall we repeat cold all the time. whew! We stood and watched in disappointment as the faces were shrouded in fog. We listened to the groan of others disappointment too and turned to leave when I saw the fog moving off. I shouted at dh and whooooooo it was like a curtain parted for us to be delighted! We got to see the Presidents!Thank YOU GOD! This was my first face to face with the wonder and I really wanted to see it! 

I felt so special as if God did this very thing for me to see, so I wouldn't leave disappointed, not knowing when, if ever we'd get this chance to visit again.
It was just wonderful. The food was worth it.

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  1. OMGOsh, those are truly amazing pictures. You are hitting some of the sites I've always wanted to visit.

  2. I'm so happy for you that the clouds cleared! What an amazing sight! I saw the lego replica of Mt Rushmore when I visited legoland in Denmark as a child! Would love to see the real thing!

  3. Wow, awesome pics of Mt. Rushmore. Sounds weird since I'm living in Hawaii right now but I actually miss the snow. Couldn't live with having it around for very long but I still miss it. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, those are all gorgeous shots!!!!!

  5. ~enchantingly beautiful are your happy the clouds gave way for you to see...a priceless moment...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. Wow I love to revisit mount Rushmore. Maybe next summer.
    My WW link for you

  7. I am so glad the clouds lifted for you!!!!

  8. The fog makes it even more gorgeous and prestigious. Lovely photos!

  9. You were able to get some great pics! I have never been but it looks to be amazing.
    Glad that you saw what you came to see, I love those little blessings to remind us that God wants to bless us :)-

  10. I would love to take a trip like that. Great photos!

    Have a great day!

  11. Wow, those are beautiful pictures of Mt. Rushmore!

  12. They're such gorgeous photos! It almost makes me wish for some snow again--it was actually refreshing looking at it, it's so hot and humid here.

    And no, I wouldn't want to be that far from a neighbor either!

  13. now that is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sorry to say this, but I am so jealous of your right now...
    I would LOVE to be seeing what you are!!!
    Have fun!
    Can not wait for more pics!

  14. These are gorgeous shots! I love road trips! You totally just made me want to take one!

  15. someday I have to get there and see that in person. Great photos.

  16. That is quite an amazing place to go. I went many years ago, before there was even a place to eat :)

  17. Holy Cow! I feel like I've been there! Great shots girlfriend! Fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing! Fabulous post! Thanks for stopping by me too. Dang, makes me wanna go there to see it for myself. Wow!

  18. Such great pics! I bet you and your family had a blast. I would love to see the U.S. in a RV. Who knows; it could happen :)

  19. Wow that is amazing. Glad the fog parted for you! I would love to see that too.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures♥

  20. Wow!!! Amazing. I still can't get over the fact that they actually made that! Wonderful pictures.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  21. WOW those are great shots. I've never been before but I hope to some day. Rushmore is really cool!

  22. Awesome! So glad the weather cleared up for you! those are wonderful photo! I would of been totally disappointed to travel & pay & not see a thing! I have never been there, but hubby stopped there with our youngest son on a trip back to that sons duty station after his older brothers wedding to keep him company. Thanks for stopping & linking up too! Faythe @GMT

  23. Wow...what a great trip! And, those pictures are amazing!

  24. Wow! That is awesome...even cloudy! I want to see Mt. Rushmore one's on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing about your trip!


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