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How Do You Organize Space In Your Home? - Try Space Bag Space-Savers!

We do have closets, but not dressers. Therefore most of our clothes that does not hang, remain in our suitcases or boxes. So we basically live out of our suitcases and boxes at home. To me, that's normal. 

When I want to store things, I simply put them in whatever box I happen to have. Usually a diaper box since I used to buy lots of diapers! The potty trained kids are now depriving me of my boxes. 

I've found a new way to store things, especially my kids clothes that they have outgrown. They are the Space-Savers from Space Bag. These bags are perfect for storage and even traveling, to lessen the amount of bags you have to tote around on vacation or whatever the getaway. My question though is how will you get it back the same way when returning from vacation? I supposed you can always borrow a vacuum eh :) 
For your travels, definitely check out Space Bags To Go!

The items I received for this review: 
1 Jumbo space-saver tote
Extra-large storage cube original space bag
2 large space bags
1 Two-way space saver (roll up or vacuum seal)
3 Medium space-savers
2 Small space-saver to go

I promise you, that is alot of space saving for storage! You can tell I need storage eh. This is just the kids closet, you should see ours! 

I have seen advertisements before about these bags but never really thought much of them beyond that, but it's a whole difference experience to actually have them and realize that they do work and hold a heap of clothing in one bag!

I have quite alot to unpack (from the diaper boxes) and put into these space-savers. I'm already finished with my daughter's closet and will begin the boy's closet next. However this takes alot more time than you think it will, so I will have to plan more time to get it all done...most likely over a period of days.

After using the vacuum, I realized it had too much clothes so I had to open the bag and removed some so I could get it down into the bag like it should be. 

 When it's suctioned, put the suspenders on
Then zip bag closed and voila! Woot

I thought I would put most of her jeans in one or two space-savers and then put tops in another and also mark them by size, but by half way in, I just start to put clothes in the bag! This jumbo tote is HUGE!

 Just vacuum out the air
She had more jeans than that apparently.

The space-savers come in all sizes and they really do hold quite alot of clothes! I love that you can vacuum out the air and get it flattened somewhat, for storage.The space-savers really remain as you leave them when you vacuum out the air.

The bags come with a sure-zip tag that makes it easy to close the space-savers. I like that very much. It ensures the seal. When one of mine fell off (I thought it had a stop at the end which it didn't) I panicked! But it's really easy to put it back on. 

Some of the space-savers require vacuuming to remove the air while others just need to be rolled up. The prices are also very budget friendly which is very good news in this economy.  I don't yet know about the longevity of these bags, but for now I'm delighted by the space they are giving back to my home for other things. It is good to knot that I wont find bugs in these when I will need them again, perhaps for another baby or to give them away.

I also learned that you can put documents in these bags for safe keeping, especially in the event of a hurricane which we are prone to here in the south. If you have emergency kits, using the space-savers are a great way to keep grab and go items in one place. These space-savers are airtight, re-usable and waterproof ( I want to test that waterproof part out myself and I will. I just want to know for myself) and are perfect for home organization, traveling and emergencies.

You can also visit the Space-savers community and enter their "Clean That Closet Challenge" contest for your chance to win $1,000 to Bed Bath and Beyond, a private consultation with a professional organizer and a supply of space Bag products to organize your home.

You can find Space Bag on Twitter and Facebook.

So does anyone else use Space-savers? 

I received the review items listed for this review. These are my honest opinions about these space-savers. Thank you Space Bag for this opportunity. Please see my disclosure.

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people.
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  1. Whoa, Great post their girlfriend! Such detail, and so well thought out. Love it. Can't say I ever used these bags although I've seen them on tv advertised. Sure wish those were around when my kids were little. They would've really came in handy. I guess I could use them now to put away the comforters in the summer time though, and maybe the winter clothes, especially the coats. Hmmm Guess I could use those. Also, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked our vacations pics. Yes, we had a blast!


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