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I Left My Bra In A Motel In Wyoming - LA - AK Vacation Trip

*Notes from my trip* 
Seriously I did. After a long day, the last thing I want squishing my chest is a bra. Apparently it was on the chair and might have fallen under the chair and we didn't see it even on the last sweep of the room before leaving. Sigh. I was upset by this. I hate having to rush and that's what we were doing to get on the road to make time for the next state etc And not only that, it was a very nice bra that I had just bought. I rarely ever get to purchase anything for myself.....

My sinuses are still a pain, but my box of Puffs Vicks is still going strong. I will have to get more for the return trip. 
I notice that the refreshing mountain air definitely helps me breath better. I feel that I do have a sinus infection. I can tell this is different than the others and today my ear started hurting....ugh.
May 6
Have you heard of Chief Crazy Horse? That was an interesting visit too and sadly we only saw the mountain through the show in the theatre because the weather was not cooperating and was cloudy and rainy and snow slush everywhere.
This is amazing how they can get a huge mountain to do such breath-taking sculptures. 
I took a whole bunch of photos but they got deleted by mistake from my camera which sucks bad.
We are now in Rapids City and trying to make up the miles lost from our little detours.  We'll go see Devils Tower National Monument. Have you seen this marvel? I'd love to get the whole story about how it came about but alas, humans are not made to know all. 
The Rock:

*Notes from my LA  to AK Vacation*

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  1. that sucks about your bra!
    you know, you get a new one and you really like it... then that happens...
    hope you get to feeling better soon
    thanks for the pics..

  2. It has been so long since I have swung by the blog and the first thing I see when I do is "I left my bra in Wyoming" - Oh I almost peed my pants.

    Love you Collette - Hope you had/have a fabulous trip!

  3. The bra would really upset me as well especially if it was a pretty one.

    It's hard to find a good bra.

  4. Damn, losing a pretty bra is a tragedy. Hope you get to replace it soon.

    Your trip sounds absolutely amazing.

  5. I know how you feel, buying a bra is a BIG deal for me too !!! And to have left it behind :( I love all the pictures from your trip ! Looks like so much fun. Enjoy your week :)

  6. "I Left My Bra In A Motel In Wyoming".

    Those seriously could be the start of some country music lyrics. lol

  7. ugh losing a bra is heartbreaking esp. if it is a good one!

  8. Sorry about losing your bra. Like you I don't purchase nice things for myself that often either, so I totally understand.

    I enjoyed your photos! I hope that your sinus infection clears up soon.


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