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I Was A Part Time Model....sorta - WW

I'm modeling the dress I made here. In the orphanage we sew and sometimes we model the different pieces at different gatherings. It was something different to do. Since I've left, I've not sewn anything else. Found these photos hidden somewhere in my pile. I was a skinny kid!

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  1. beautiful!

  2. With long legs too! :) They are lovely photos :)

    Happy WW!

  3. It's nice to find reminders of when we were young and. How is it that we manage to on the pounds over the years Are we still growing or what??? I love to sew too, but just haven't had time.

  4. you fit the part. great photo. :-)

  5. You look gorgeous!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. you made that dress?!
    nice job

  7. Oh wow! stunning!
    Have a Fabulous WW!

  8. what a beautiful dress! you should take it up again! I am surprised with that gorgeous figure & long legs you were not picked up by a real modeling agency! (insert whistle here) My DH bought me a sewing machine when we first married (about 36 years ago, it is long gone) I used it many to patch his denim pants for work. He had one pair that were his favs for everyday wear, that back then was near the end of hippy-dippy days, and if he would of walked down the streets where they hung out, I bet they would of tried to buy them! they were covered in so many patches of many colors... they eventually got to tight in the legs! and I being a dum-dum, never saved them for prosperity... I bet both boys would of tried to wear them at one point, whether they fit or not! LOL! *hugs* Faythe @GMT


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