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Let's Play Dress Up! - Jr. Armed Forces Pilot

The costume is here! The boy is excited!

 Oh MOM!

I received the Jr. Armed Forces Pilot Costume for my son from Costume Supercenter, where they have the most fun boys Halloween costumes. He was so excited to put it on that he didn't even let me cut the tag off. I grabbed my camera to document the process because as with kids, they don't want to pose for you after a certain age :) 
 I can do it by your collar is still in baby.

The costume is of good quality and looks very authentic. It is a zipped-up jumpsuit type costume that fits my son really well, however I'm hoping next year if he still wishes to wear it, that he'll get another wear out of it because he grows so fast!

My sweet boy, bless his heart, wanted to go out in 90+ degrees to play in the backyard like a real pilot! I feared for him. It could get hot out son. I wont stay long mama, just want to play with my airplanes like a real pilot! Ok then, let me grab my camera and a bottle of water! I don't know if he wants to be a pilot, but he loves all things airplane and military. Our family is mostly military so I think this makes him more in tuned to things like this.
 Mom can I just go play now?

He ran around the yard with his sister in his whole outfit and had  a blast. 

It's a really nice costume that any child would love and you really don't have to wait for halloween to wear it. He definitely isn't waiting! 

My daughter wasn't pleased that there was no costume for her and didn't wish to participate much, unless she could boss him around :) 
 She just has to fix here and there and here....

 He likes all the attention.

The costume is very detailed and also comes with a pretty cool helmet. The stuff of boys dreams :) 
I love the insignia patches and how light the material is. I have not yet washed it to see how it will be after it's washed but I know my son will have lots of play fun in this costume.
 Mom, I wish it wasn't so hot outside!

The shoes does not come with it. These shoes I bought for him to wear when we visited Alaska. You must have a good strong pair of shoes to keep your feet warm when you visit Alaska. But they matched the Jr. Armed Forces Pilot Costume perfectly! 

For those of you with kids, you know how much they love zippers! Well this costume has lots of zippers to play with and put things in  and out and in and out. There is also a zipper on each hip, closer to the buttocks, which doesn't open into a pocket. I'm guessing this is to let in air if it's needed? :)

The helmet is very light and stylish and has a retractable shield.

Love the costume. The boys loves it more :) And definitely a good buy if you are looking for a costume for your child or just something for some dress up fun. Trust me, girls want to wear it too :) 

About Costume
CostumeSuperCenter is your one-stop source for costumes and accessories for all holidays, parties and occasions. At, costumes are not just for Halloween.

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 I received the Jr. Armed Forces Pilot costume for this review. My son loves it! See my disclosure.

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  1. just so cute!! love it!! your kids are so beautiful!!!

  2. Awwww....what a cute little pilot. Looks like he's having tons of fun with it and in it,lol.

  3. Love it! So cute! I cant wait til Monkey Man gets to that age so I can get him stuff like that.

  4. seriously?
    and I love lil sis helping out...

  5. Your kids are both very cute. I think your son makes a great pilot.

  6. Looks like an awesome costume. And well loved, too.

  7. to cute my son would love that costume

  8. Isn't he fantastic! He's adorable, and the happiness is written all over his face. Totally love the pics - thanks for sharing. Thought I'd tell your disclosure isn't working. Check it out.


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