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Rumba! - Music Monday/Meet Me Monday

Yes I like to shake my tush :) 
I absolutely love music and love to dance. Do you like to dance?

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  1. Oh You go Girl. I luv this one!! Shake your bootie...oh yah this one will have me shaking all night. Stuck in my head already.

  2. WOOOOOO HOOOO EVERYBODY ROOMBA! Shake your money maker! Love it! A butt like a monkey???? LMAO I've never heard this song. TOO FUNNY! So glad you're playing along, girlfriend! EVERYBODY ROOMBA! EEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAA

  3. Last week Shakira, this week this one... you do like to shake your tushy. HaHa
    Not my taste in music, but is definitely a dance tune and it will be in my head until I get to sleep. :-) Those women in the video are GORGEOUS and I loved that green dress, I want it!!
    Thanks for playing along again this week. Hope your family had a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hey!
    I know this from ELLEN!!!

  5. I was thinking the same as Noelle up to, I remember this was one of the songs Ellen danced to! Rumba! Rumba! Whoa, this song can really get you going - uh oh, I think it's stuck in my head too. Happy Monday!

  6. I loooove me some Pitbull! Great video choice!

  7. Dang, this one has a good beat to it! Woo hoo! I'm gonna dance in my chair if you don't mind!

    **wiggles hiney**


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