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School Fundraiser - Do You Help Your School?

Do you get these forms and things to order stuff and get family members to order etc for school fundraisers? I guess it is important, but it put a certain kind of pressure on me, not having money for more than groceries these days. Seems things went north since that oil spill blow torch a few months back. 
Maybe then you can help me or just share the information? 

by participating in a Great American fundraiser.

My son's school has just started a fundraiser. I am 
trying to help out and win some COOL PRIZES. We 
have a deadline for earning prizes, so if you can 
please help out today, that would be great! All 
profits from the sales will be used for student incentives, 
technology supplies and classroom materials and supplies. 
The deadline is September 28. Thank you if you can and 
also if you only get to share with others.

Step One:   Please click on the link below: (Special link for KATHARINE DREXEL ELEM SCHOOL SW)
Step Two:   Shop!

Student Prizes are calculated during our fundraising 
campaign dates only.  Our group gets credit for orders all 
year long so please save this email to save the direct link 
to our store that is specified above.
Thank you so much for any help you can give us in reaching 
our goal.  If you have any friends that you think can help 
us reach our goal, please let them know we would 
appreciate their help too.

Thanks So Much!

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  1. I spend too much on stuff I don't need several times each year in the name of supporting local schools. Good luck.

  2. Yes, I do! All the time and some are not a donation, it's a suggested donation, which means, you don't have a choice. :-O

  3. I do all the time. infact our school runs several fund raises about 6x's a yr. We don't participate in all of them because it gets too expensive. We love the entertainment books one. It ends this Friday!! The books are a great way for others to save money and we always get our money back in savings


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