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Where Were You? - Our Hearts Will Never Forget!

 I was at a house (can't call that a home) getting ready for work and it was on t.v.  At first I thought it was a movie, but a movie on at 7am isn't likely on our local channels in Jamaica. 

Then the reality hit and I called the lady dragon to come see what was on tv. 

I started to cry. 

I was shocked. 

I was late for work. I think everyone was late for work. 

At work, it seems everything stopped. I think every country stopped and slowed in everything. 

It was a terrible day. 

Now I'm an American citizen and it's deep in my heart. I hope we keep these families in our hearts and prayers. 

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  1. The Angels that were made that day I am sure are watching over us as we speak. May they rest in peace. May the Lord watch over you my friend, and your loved ones.

  2. It was an amazing day...seared in our hearts. I look forward to the day when sorrow, sadness, tears, sickness etc is no more among us.

  3. Amen!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. What a special post! Thanks for sharing it and stopping by.

  5. I was teaching my preschool class. One of my moms came to pick up her daughter because there was a possibility that her husband was in one of the planes. Thank God he wasn't. The school was abuzz. I had to talk about it with my kids; I just answered their questions as simply as I could, because I didn't know how their parents would want to talk to them about it. Such sadness and loss.


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