Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)


Why Do I Blog - SITS Back To Blogging Event

I didn't know blogging was so popular. I started blogging just to chronicle my struggles with growing up in the orphanages and different foster homes etc. I wanted to right down the memories that would come slapping me in the face and see if I could make sense of why they hurt so much and possible get them to hurt less so I can move on little by little. Someone had told me that maybe writing it all down, would help on the path to healing. 

I never got to deal with anything from my childhood and every so often these days, something comes up and just knocks me off my feet and I just don't know how to handle it.
I actually never expected anyone to read my blog. And the only person I use to visit was Amy Clary from Coffee with the Mrs. 

The thought of keeping a journal never comes easy to me and I find that the worse things will come out in journal and when I look back at it, I can't believe the things written, but it's good to get it out if you don't have someone to talk to about the things that affects your every day life and not always in a good way. 

Then people started reading my blog and I kinda felt like I didn't want to put these deep, sometimes terrible things out there. 
I started to focus more on writing about my kids and our family travels and taking part in fun memes instead. 

I am getting back to why I began in the first place though and every now and then I feel perfectly fine with just telling the story that is hurting me at the moment. 

I love blogging. If it becomes stressful, I just walk away for a day or two.

I have gotten to meet so many wonderful women, families in the blog community and have learned so much and will definitely keep on blogging.

I want to keep learning as much as I can and have fun with my blog while ensuring to keep myself grounded in the understanding that this is my blog and I can take it at my own pace and remain real.  

I do appreciate all of you for visiting and just sharing your time with me :) 

So why do you blog? :) 

I am joining in the SITS back to blogging event and of course I want the lovely twins Thelma and Louise in my home. My nameless ones are almost broken down, so this would be awesome replacement with names :) Aren't they adorable?

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  1. I'm a recent followe and didn't know that was your story...I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Ever heard of EFT? It help me a lot with some difficult emotions I had and it only took a few minutes. You can find it on youtube - it's a technique if your interested. Anyway, I blog just for the fun of it and plus everyne I knew was blogging so...why not?

    I hope you have a great weekened!

  2. I am so happy you are sharing this with us.

    I wrote something very similar.

  3. I love that you blog. I love your blog. Have a great weekend!

  4. I find that I am able to connect with other bloggers even more in the hard times than in the good times. I love that we are able to comfort, support, and uplift each other.

  5. You're reasons for blogging are more meaningful than mine, I think. :-).

    Wanted to come back and thank you for the great link you shared on my Aloha Friday question!

  6. I started blogging for the same reason that I kept a diary when I was younger. It's a lot more fun online, though. I like getting to know people from all over the world.

    I'm sorry you had such a difficult childhood. I'm happy that your future seems much brighter.


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