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Daily Guidepost 2011

It's great to have a guide for spiritual uplifting when you are needing it. The daily guideposts provides this and it's good to have one handy for such occasions.

Daily Guidepost: 2011 celebrates growing in God's love and wisdom, bringing readers simple yet profound devotions to connect with God in new ways -- even on the most hectic of days.

Daily entries open with a scripture reading for meditative reflection, followed by a true, first-person story, and close with a short prayer. Monthly "seeds of love" sections encourage readers to write down their blessing so they will become more mindful of all they have to to be thankful for int their lives.

More than 50 writers contribute to this new spiritual companion, sharing stories of how God has transformed their relationships, jobs, families and faith. With stories from bestselling authors such as Debbie Macomber to veteran Daily Guidepost devotional contributors Marion Bond West and Carol Kuykendall, Daily Guideposts readers will recognize their favorite writers while discovering new voices along the way.

Inside Daily Guideposts 2011 you'll read about:

  • Contributing writer Pam Kidd's recognition of the unsung heroes in her life and her desire to be more like them.
  • How contributor Brigitte Weeks' struggle with depression led her to an awareness of the true power of prayer
  • Contributing writer Roberta Messner's decision to simplify her cabin and her life, and how it led her  deeper into her walk with God
  • How Joshua Sundquist's experiences as a speaker have led him to pray for the hearts of souls of his listeners

About Daily Guidepost:
Now in it's 35th year, Daily Guideposts has brought inspiration and guidance to millions of readers, selling more than 20 million copies since the devotional series' debut in 1975 as one of the first daily devotional collections. Daily Guideposts is the creation of former Guideposts Books editor Fred Bauer, who was inspired to write a devotional that offered daily prayers and stories for year-round spiritual growth. Originally conceived as a collection of Bauer's reflections on faith in his own life, Daily Guidepost now encompasses more than 50 wtiters' stories in each edition.

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