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Did You See The Signs? - WW

All the neighbors have political signs in their yards. We have the best signs! Two of them :)

I watched this rather interesting movie the other day. Is that really love? But surely it stirs something in me. 

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  1. Those are the best signs I've seen or read during this entire election craze.
    Congratulations to your readers :) Happy WW

  2. Those are great signs, so much better than the election signs!

  3. I love your Yard signs! The best I have seen in eons! Your children should be very proud of themselves. BTW, YOU were a winning Wednesday Wizard last week over at my place last week!! My post shall be up shortly, I hope you claim your bade & post it proudly and play again this week! ~hugs, Faythe @GMT

  4. The best sign. hands down. and the best smiles! I love it when they start to read...

  5. What great signs! All the politics are making me crazy and sick to my stomach, but these signs are a welcomed break from all the madness. What a wonderful way to celebrate your children and their love for reading! WTG, mama!

  6. I'm so with ya. I am tired of the other signs.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  7. Love the yard signs...very cute.

    Read Love in the Time of Cholera years ago...loved it, but wow, what the heck it was so sad and rather disturbing.

    I can't imagine what they have done with the story by making it into a film.

  8. Awwwww, I love your signs. The best front lawn signs I saw in a long, long time.

  9. I do like these signs better than any political ones (I can be pretty fiery, but sometimes I just want it all to go away!). I like them better than bumper stickers, too.

  10. Sniff -- sniff -- sniff -- I smell MOMMY PRIDE HERE! ~hehe~ Me too! I'm so proud to see those two cuties on your post with such a wonderful sign up about them! That's fabulous! CONGRATS~! CONGRATS~!

  11. What a great sign!!
    Love to see your two cutie kids posed with their sign!!
    Too pretty!


  12. Your signs are such a welcome change!

  13. I like your sign! I am already sick of all the election signs, but somehow they are necessary.

  14. That is really cute Colette. Gees, some young bright futures there.

  15. now those are some great signs!!!
    I would be very proud to have them in my yard!!!!
    give them high fives from me


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