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Fear Is Not Your Friend - Aloha Friday / Friday Follow

My Question:
If you didn't have fear, what are three things you'd do in your life?
1. Love more freely
2. Take more active part in my church
3. Go to college now so I can start my career

Kailani says "In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."
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Let's Just Give It Away

 Stop by and check out this new meme!

 1. When you were a child, what did you want to become?

I wanted to be an ambassador to a foreign country or a photo journalist that travelled all over the world. 

2. Are you contented with your shoe size? 

I'm alright with it now, but when I was a child I always thought I had monster feet and wanted to find ways to shrink them. 

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people.
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  1. Hmmm...good question.

    1. I would sign up for classes at the local college

    2. Find a paying job

    3. Let people see my playful side.

  2. 1. I would take more leadership roles.

    2. I would start a group in my community.

    3. I would try a wider variety of foods.

  3. 1. Start actively looking for a new house in a different school district.

    2. Be more bold with my new job.

    3. Let my hair down more and show people another side of my personality.

  4. What an interesting question. Fear is actually good for us it keep us in check.
    If there were no fear then I fear the world would be in disarray. No sense of punishment and no conscience.
    Now if I didn't have fear I would probably
    1. dive out of the plane
    2. drive a race car at high speeds
    3. Go to the Mideast.
    my Aloha Friday link for you making it easier to visit.

  5. Love your aloha question!

    1) I'd try new foods (like Indiana, Japanese...ect)

    2) I'd learn a second language

    3) I'd get over my shyness and volunteer a lot more

  6. Good question and answer my friend. Mine would be:

    1. Travel more
    2. Make some real money
    3. Shave my head

  7. 1. Rollercoasters
    2. Travel more
    3. Invest more freely.

    Have a great Friday!

  8. what's usually prevents me from doing something in not fear but practicality. if i was less practical, i have so many things i want to do.

  9. 1. buy the house already!
    2. buy the house already!
    3. buy the house already!

  10. I think I am living pretty fearlessly in terms of what I am willing to do. If I think it and it seems like a good idea I implement it.

  11. 1. Go exploring in the rainforest for days
    2. Invest in stocks
    3. Go for a job I have no experience with

  12. Whoa! Why do all you people want me to think today??? ~hehe~
    1. I'd probably speak my mind more often then try to keep the peace all the time.
    2. I'd go find a sit-down job some place to get out of the house.
    3. Hmmmm - nope can't say that. Hmmmm - nope can't say that. Hmmm - well censorship has given me brain freeze. That's all I can think of. Oh maybe I'd go downstairs and tackle the basement myself instead of waiting for others to do it.

  13. 1. Skydive

    2. Go back to College again

    3. Move back to FL

    Yara @ Once Upon a Twilight!

  14. no fear?
    1. do my photography
    2. travel abroad
    3. not sure the third

  15. I would in no particular order,

    Move to another state
    Go back to college

  16. 1. Buy our dream house
    2. Maybe even out of state
    3. Fly to Hawaii

  17. thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following back. I love the photo at the top of the page, so beautiful and peaceful.

  18. Interesting question!
    -stand up for myself more often
    -feel more free to have a life of my own without the kids 24/7
    -Go back to college

  19. go back to school! time will pass whether you do it or not. so do it!

    ok, here's my three:

    1. have or adopt another baby
    2. go to india
    3. learn to surf or paddleboard

  20. 1) I wanted to be a very rich and famous me.
    2) No, my feet are too small, they only stock one in my size for every style and I have to search very hard, or pay the price for first picks.


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