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Flashlight Keychain With Laser Pointer Review

Do you love flashlights? I do. My kids love them even more! Just imagine all the fun to be had at night or if the lights went out! They are always asking me to play with the flashlight in their tent! But I can't buy so many batteries so once in awhile is good enough  :)

Well I have my own little flashlight too :) The flashlight keychain with laser pointer is so small and fit right onto your keychain! If you do not want anything else on your keychain, just hang it on your handbag or leave it in your car For little emergencies.

The flashlight keychain is quite the little powerhouse. I can't let the kids play with this one or someone will end up blind! 

It comes in silver and has two modes: LED flashlight and red laser pointer with extensive lifetime of LED (100,000 hrs). The flashlight also has low power consumption and is water resistant! I love anything water resistant. 

My kids are not so young to throw it in the toilet, but who knows what might happen. 

I keep it beside my bed to walk to the bathroom without having bright lights in my eyes. I actually have two flashlights beside my bed :) I always keep one with me for emergencies. The other one is big and heavy, for light and protection, just in case :) 

It's cute and easy to tote around and very bright so it works really well for me.

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  1. Yes I love Flashlights!

    I let my toddler grandson play with mine and now none of them work.

    I need one of these smaller ones for my keychain.

  2. I used to have one of those. I loved it, used it for my presentations and leave for work without it.

  3. i used to have a flashlight keychain!
    i need to get another one...
    especially where we live now


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