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I Don't Do Costumes - But We Do Candy!

Tomorrow is halloween and it will be quite interesting for all involved and even those not involved. This little celebration has never interest me before and I think most of that has to do with the fact that in my country, we do not celebrate halloween. It's not one of our holidays. 

Since being here in America, I've watched the years passed with little interest on my part, but growing interest from the kids. My son is five and my daughter is three and last year someone gave the boy a second hand costume as spiderman and he has loved it ever since and wants urgently to wear it tomorrow. It's all torn and raggly and I rather he wore the pilot costume that I reviewed sometime ago. It fits him so well, but alas, he can choose the spidey if he wishes. 

They both loved it and they stayed inside and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids who came a-knocking. We had so many people /kids come that we ran out of candy!!

You will not find me making costumes or chasing down a deal to buy one. I'm just not that type of mother and this holiday just does not interest me. However I think it's a great time to meet the neighbors and give out candy. I'm thinking it will do the kids good to learn how exciting it is to give and share. I mean which kid actually wants to share candy right? Just wait until they reach 7 or so and really catch on!!! :) 

Today I felt so bad that I bought a pumpkin that lights up, so we'd at least look neighbor-friendly  tomorrow :) 
It is all I can afford. I honestly cannot justify halloween decor when I need that money for groceries and other family needs. 

So come tomorrow, we'll be giving away candy and good candy too. There is also the matter of seeing the little ones in their adorable costumes. I can't get enough of the cat in the hat costume!!! I seriously love it! 

If I was to wear a costume, I'd love to be an Egyptian goddess. Maybe I will sometime. I can already picture myself dancing :)

As the years roll by, we'll see how this halloween thing grows into our family.....or not.

Happy halloween, candy eating, tricking, treating, etc etc etc

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  1. I was born in the USA and unless I have my Grandchildren around for Halloween, it doesn't interest me either. I give out treats but in a town of 70 people (mostly seniors) I tend to eat more than I give out. Last year, we had 2 trick or treaters! Enjoyed the pictures!

  2. Well, that's what I'm doing too, but so far we've only had about six children. We don't get very many around here. I wish there were more because I miss my own children, and my grandchildren. I use to love to go with them trick or treating. They were just too funny & coming home to sometimes an egged house because we weren't home to give out candy. Oh well, it's Halloween I would say! Well, HAPPY HALLOWEEN and don't forget to pick out your song for tomorrow it's freebie week & wait until you see my surprise.

  3. They're soooo cute! I love them peeking out the door together.

    And yes, you need to get an Egyptian princess costume--you'd look great in that!

  4. I meant goddess! Much better than a princess.

  5. Oh they are so cute! Love both of their costumes! My son also didn't wear the costume I reviewed...but I wouldn't buy him a new one so he made do as our local team's football player!

  6. Halloween really started in Europe with the ancient Celtics as a festival for thanks for a good harvest... What I like about how it evolved and we celebrate it over here in the U.S. is anyone can dress up any way they want, totally exotica or silly, and not to many people will look at them strangely for it! It is like the one day you can let the "wild side "of you out to play :) of course if I could still go trick or treating & get lots of chocolate, well, than it would be even better!
    ~hugs, Faythe @GMT (giggles)

  7. I like that army outfit. They are so cute looking out the window like that.

  8. luv the costumes tooooo cute. we went trick or treating and man we got the candy. i didn't dress up either


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