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It's Time To Play! Shout Fall Play Initiative

When I was a child, I didn't get much time to play. I'm not sure the adults who ran the orphanage new how important this play time was for children. As a mom, I know the value of play and always allow time for my kids to play whether indoors or outdoors. We are very blessed to have a home that they can run around in if outside is not kids friendly at certain times. 

In my house you'll rarely find my kids in front of the tv and we do not own any video games. Not on purpose, but it's just never something that was needed in our lives and so far it's working out really well. There were days in the middle of summer when the kids couldn't go outside for too long but now it's fall, the weather is lovely and they can't get enough of outside! 

Most of our fall activities are centered around going to the Pumpkin Patch and the zoo and parks and picnics! The kids can't get enough of the hayrides and animals and just running about making friends and playing in the nice atmosphere. 
 Nothing beats a hayride. And all these pumpkins!

Shout has developed the Go Play initiative to educate parents on the benefits of unstructured play and to inspire families to get up and out and enjoy the fun that playing brings to each family. Play time is how our kids become happy, healthy adults, so open your doors and give them a ball or frisbee or a shovel and let them go explore! 

I received the 52 Nature Activities card pack to enjoy with my family and I ...we love it! The kids pick a card and for that day we try to do what it says on the card. Of course sometimes it get's messed up but that's part of the fun too! 

For more fun ideas and to learn more about the Shout Go Play Initiative. Visit the Go Play tab on their facebook page! 

About the 52 Activities in Nature cards set: 
This charmingly illustrated deck of cards describes 52 games, activites and art projects for children to do in nature. From educational to just plain fun, these cards are a convenient size to carry in a backpack.
These activites are just right for anywhere!
And when all that fun is done and hands and shoes and clothes are abit messy. We can depend on shout to help with cleaning up!
This is my first time using Shout products. I was very curious to see if they really work, especially the Shout Color Catcher! 
In many ways I'm a skeptic, especially when it comes to new products promising to do something that was never done before. For instance, the Shout Color Catcher. I can put my whites in with reds or blues or greens and there wont be any mess on my whites.. I tried it with my sheets first :) It worked out fine and then I ventured to try the Color Catcher on regular clothes. I always separate all my laundry into like colors before washing, so this was very new for me. 
The color catcher is working for me so far. It will definitely help not having to always sort loads and not have enough for a full wash. I'll be using this a few more times on regular wear before using it on our going out clothes! I know, baby steps right? :).

The Ultra concentrated gel Shout Advance for Heavy-duty stains worked much better on my dish towels than the Shout triple-acting laundry stain remover.  The stains in the towels were there for months and I just didn't get around to soaking them in bleach so it was perfect timing to use the Shout Advanced stain remover. 
The towels didn't come right back to their stain-free state but the stains were definitely diminished. 
However using it on stains that weren't embedded for such a long time worked much easier! Like peeling apples on cloth and getting those stains quickly before  it's dried. 
I love the little brush action to scrub and help the stain lifting process.

The Shout Triple-acting laundry stain remover helped me out of one of those monthly accidents that you dread having. The red sister showed up out of the blue and I of course was wearing white. I immediately grabbed the shout spray and went to work. I was so excited to see my white come back from it's red attack!  Come on gals, you know what I'm referring to. 

I spot treat quite a few of my kids clothes that I wouldn't normally look at simply because I had the convenient dispenser for quick and easy use.
These products are perfect for my home. I can smile now because I have a son who goes to school where part of his uniform is white!! And a daughter who is into all the puddle jumping and fun she can fit into her day whenever possible!

I'm already thinking to get her some rain boots. Whatever I buy I'll definitely be checking out the wonderful variety of learning toys on Growing Tree Toys.

This was not a paid post and these opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to SHOUT who supplied the products for the review and also to Growing Tree Toys for this fun opportunity. See my disclosure

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  1. I used to use this all the time, not sure why the department stores where I live don't carry it.

  2. I'm very much into unstructured play as well. Shout is doing well to support that! I need to try that color catcher!

  3. love the post! love the pics!
    and yes... i love love love the color catcher!


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