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Lioness Arising - Wake Up and Change Your World Book

Why does a lioness rise? 

"She rises to gather strength. 
She rises to greet and groom others.
She rises to hunt. 
She rises alongside other lionesses.
She rises to move the young to safety. 
She rises to confront enemies that threaten the pride. 
She rises to walk with her king.
I have come to see the lioness as a picture of how every daughter of the Most High can embrace her strength, develop courage, and effect change in her world. Is there a lioness hidden within you?"

Those are the words of Lisa Bevere's newly released book "Lioness Arizing - Wake up and Change Your World."
This book is one of the powerful ones because it centers on women as a whole, entreating us to bring forth the strength and courage and fun that is inside all of us women, so that we can change our world by doing our part. Because if we all do our part and do it well, no matter where we are, then the outflow will be connected to everyone else doing theirs and our world will be changed. 

But we are talking about women here. Women who still have to fight to have a face, a voice, a life in this world. 

How can we do this? 
We know we cannot do it alone, but we know we can learn and when we do, we must pass it on to our children!
We have God on our side if we choose him. He is ready to fight for and with us!

This book is inspiring and covers a wide range of topics, but always centering around a vision the author had many years ago. It is a call for all women to rise up together to bring change to our world. It is not a self-help book, it's about recognizing our potential as courageous and beautiful women who all have something to contribute to this world, because we aren't here by accident. We all have a purpose for our lives.

If you think about a lioness and it's many characteristics, you might find that you possess many of these qualities and the ones you feel aren't present are there and just need nurturing to spring forth. 

Her book inspires us as sisters, wives, mothers and daughters to nurture, advocate and protect in whatever manner we are needed at any moment in our lives instead of being complacent and turning blind eyes and deaf ears to anything and anyone outside of ourselves and our circle. 

God did not create us women to be dehumanized as we have been throughout history. He wants us to be bold and lovely in everything we do and say and feel. Man has made the decision about how women should be presented and accepted. Are we going to rely on what men say about our value? Or will be find the truth about our value from our Creator?

I was blown away by seeing this in her book as this is what I have on my blog up there! "Do not make the mistake of imagining meekness to be weakness. It is tempered strength or might under control"

I came to understand that about myself and many others for awhile now and it is so very true. 

"A Force Unseen - If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known." - Matthew Arnold, 19th century British Poet and Philosopher

Can you picture it? Think of your mother, sister or a woman you know that you've seen their strength. What about you? What do you hold in check within, afraid to let spring forth? When will your lioness rise?

This is a powerful book and I recommend you buy it or rent it or borrow. It will be a good investment. 

About Lisa:
 Passionate. Edgy. Relatable. Powerful. Funny. These words describe Lisa Bevere—international speaker, best-selling author, and co-host of “The Messenger” television program, which broadcasts in more than 200 countries.

In her transparent style, Lisa shares God’s Word woven with personal experiences to empower lives with freedom and transformation. Her heart breaks over social injustice, and as an advocate for change, she rallies others to be an answer to desperate problems near and far.

When she’s not out changing the world, Lisa begins her days with mochas and ends them laughing around the dinner table with family. She enjoys riding her Ninja motorcycle with the love of her life, husband John Bevere, and spending time with their four sons, stunning daughter-in-law, and adorable G-baby.

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  1. I'd like to read the Fight Like a Girl book if only for the title alone *smile*

  2. Wow - great review, Colette! Thanks so much for sharing. Glad to know "Lioness Arising" has been a blessing to you.

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