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The Prudential Spirit Of Community Awards

The Spirit of Community Awards has been honoring tens of thousands of middle and high school students for their volunteer work over the past 15 years. And now is the chance to get your kids involved. On behalf of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, I invite you to encourage a young person in your life to apply today!

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards is the largest youth recognition program in the country based exclusively on volunteer community service. And what better way to recognize our young heroes and inspire others to follow their lead than honoring them with these prestigious awards? If your children are from grades 5-12 and have demonstrated outstanding volunteerism over the past year, then encourage them to complete an online application at State and national honorees will receive a cash prize, a trip to Washington , D.C. , and an engraved medallion to thank them for the great work they have done.

To find out more, please view this special PSA video:

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