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The Telephone - Aloha Friday / Friday Follow

My Question:

When you make calls, do you rather a live person or an automated machine?
2. Do you have a landlinde?
I would rather a live person.
Yes. I do have a landline.

Kailani says "In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."
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  1. I also prefer to speak to a live person.

    Right now I am only using a cell phone.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I like speaking to a live person and we no longer have a land line, was costing more money than a cell and I dont care for cells,lol.

  3. I prefer a automated system if I'm paying a bill or checking a balance. Yes, we have a land line.

  4. Yes I have a landline. It has saved us many times when the electric goes out. Or when we have had hurricanes and the satellites are not available.
    I do talk to must folk on the phone. with their busy life..No time to sit down... what a shame.. they are missing out. My Aloha Friday post is up, here's the link- titled "Dreams"

  5. Definitely a live person. And have a landline. My AF ishere.

  6. Hates machines! I have a landline because it was actually cheaper to do our cell phones that way. Plus, I use a fax sometimes.

    Have a great day!

  7. I guess it depends on who it is and what I have to say.

    Yes, I have a landline

  8. I definitely prefer to speak to a live person. I really get annoyed by all these companies with automated responses who make you go through hoops to talk to an actual person. We do have a landline, although my husband wants to get rid of it and just use our cell phones.

  9. I prefer a person, those automated things never hear you clearly.

    Yes I have a landline.

    Here is my ALOHA FRIDAY!

  10. I would much rather speak with a live person however...hehe...I rarely answer MY phone and never answer if I don't know who it is. Go figure!
    We have a land line and we also have two of the old rotary phones that don't need electricity to work. It's a kick! One is actually red and we use it in our loft.
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  11. I can't stand automated systems. They get on my nerves and take to long. I like to speak to a live person. Yes I have a land line and cell phone.

  12. It just depends on the call. If it is a personal call with a friend or a business call then I want a live person. If it's a call I don't want to make but have to, then I want the automated machine.

    I do have a landline but rarely use it.

  13. A live person, I hate automated things...

    And I have a cell

  14. I hate automation!!!! Yep, I do have a land line!

  15. We have voice mail for our land-line & Dave has a cute message. We also have cell phones because Dave needs it for work, so calling each other is free too!

  16. I detested automated machine, and since I don't have a land line, automated answering really ate up my minutes!

  17. Hi Colette, how are you this week? I would much rather talk to a live person, because most of the time when I have to call it is about an issue that needs some sorting out.

    2) I do have a land line, but I did a one time payment and do not have bills every month.

  18. 1) Hate, hate automated answering machine..They're just there to annoy people.

    2) Budget cut and telemarketers are the reason why we don't have land line..

    Thanks for joining and see you next week!

  19. We have a landline only for the alarm system. If I am calling a lot of people (like reminding volunteers about an event), I'd rather just get the machine. But if I've really got something to say, of course I'd rather talk to a real live human!

    Hope things are going well (better) out your way. I know your brilliant son is doing well in school.

  20. A live person for sure..
    I think i didnt like the automatic system!!

    happy weekend to you, my friend!

  21. i can NOT STAND to listen to a recording... i mostly just hit 0 over and over till i get a person!!!!


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