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A Baby And A Moustache - WW

He was between 17mos to 2yrs old. He has always been a fun child. This one still makes me laugh so much! 
That was our old apartment, it was small and crowded with boxes. 

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  1. OMG, he's adorable with his "stache".

    I just noticed I am your featured blogger. You are so sweet. You make me blush :)

  2. Too cute! That's what my son wanted for Christmas last year--a fake mustache!

  3. Yeah ~ I love that stache too! Happy December 1st to all!

  4. That expression is priceless like he's trying so hard to maintain his absolute cool :)

  5. Love that Mr. Potato Head to bits! We always wore his glasses. :-D

  6. Great 'Stash - wonderful pic.

  7. Heheheee, he looks so darn serious! I can not stop giggling! I hope you have this one framed somewhere.
    ~hugs, Faythe -GMT-

  8. How adorable :)! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Now that is a terrific photo! Made me smile.

  10. Kids sure can brighten your day can't they?

  11. thank you for this...
    i seriously started laughing out loud when i saw it :)


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