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The Club No One Wanted To Join - Madoff Victims In Their Own Words

It is heartbreaking what these families are still going through. It's not something that will go away because of how terrible the betrayal to these people.

You have heard or read something about the Madoff scandal somewhere and you might have sighed and not really delved into it, but you have a chance to hear the other side of the story from the victims involved from this book. 

The stories are heart-wrenching and will definitely touch your heart in some way.  

One of the stories that touched me is from  Maureen Ebel - Surviving the loss. She has always worked hard for her money and do believe in hard work and enjoying the fruits. She did not have a trust fund to fall back on. 

She was 62 years old at the time of the tragedy. 

One of 6 kids, she started working at age 14 in a snack shop in a hospital. She loved working in the hospital and decided she wanted to be a nurse. In her line of work she met the love of her life and got married. They both worked hard and saved and invested wisely to realize their dreams. 

She had a major loss when her husband died and she also found out friends were stealing money from her, so there were also those other betrayals in her time of grief. 

She wrote that, missing her husband has not faded, but she moved on with living and working and had good investments. 

She eventually inquired about the Madoff investments and heard good things and did research with her uncle. 
Trusting her uncle, as many other family and friends did, she moved over $1million from her retirement account to Madoff investments in late 2003, early 2004. 

Life decisions happened between then and 2008 when she got a call from her uncle at around midnight that would end life as she knew it. 

All her money was gone. 

Feeling alienated from her friends, she began trying to get all the deals she could and find work to be able to take care of herself. She began working as an in home help for an elderly woman.

Many friends still came through for her as she tried to find work and make ends meet. She will become a nurse again to support herself in her old age. 

She is a survivor. 

I love her drive to not let life bowl her over, but to fight. 

The 400 page SED Inspector General Report declared the SEC negligent in handling Madoff Investments Securities. 

What happens in America when the government causes a catastrophe? 


The book is available for purchase on Amazon @
It is the first book of its kind about the Madoff Ponzi scheme, in which twenty nine Madoff investors band together to tell their story without an intermediary, directly to the public and in their own words. Baring private details and exposing the truth about who the real victims are, they don't hold back as to who really enabled the scheme to continue for forty years. The readers need to know what the authorities would rather keep from them, or else they are destined to become the next victims. The book's message is: this can happen to anyone.

The authors are men and women just like the average reader. They come from all walks of life - blue collar, white collar- from all parts of the country and at different life stages. These are working class families, ex-multi millionaires, professionals, artists and retirees. They come from Florida, Minnesota, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Texas and other states. They come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. In short they are regular people, Americans who got sucked into a Ponzi scheme that even the federal government has yet to solve. They all have one thing in common: they were robbed of their life savings by the worst financial criminal in history, Bernard L. Madoff. It is time the public learns the truth.

This is a story of financial devastation, of lessons learned, of hope and rebirth. It has been more than a year since the fraud came to light and the survivors are now ready to share their experience and the hard learned lessons with the public. Though the financial disaster caused major transformations in their lives, transformations which are still ongoing, their spirit has not been broken. 

As one of the authors in this book summed up eloquently, "There will always be meaningful work to be done, more fun to be had and lots more people to love". And in the end, it is the message of hope the authors wish to convey.

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  1. Aw, thats so sad. I cant believe she has to go back to work.

  2. It's easy to forget the victims of something like that. I'm thinking the book would be an excellent read.


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