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Get Creative With Lunchtime Lunchkit

I received the cutest little lunchkit possible with lots of little goodies to have fun and be creative with lunch and snacks for me and my kids. You get to have fun with your kids school lunches, picnic lunches or just at home fun with blankets on the floor
My kit included coupons for Arnold and Oroweat Bread, a colorful lunch and sandwich bag, bread cutter shapes, and kid-approved sandwich recipes.

I was introduced to the Arnold and Oroweat Bread awhile back and have loved them since then. The bread is soft, healthy, wide and great to make sandwiches.
I have thought of getting some sandwich cutters before but just didn't see the need. It's great that now I get to really try them. My daughter already loves them and keeps wanting me to do lots of sandwich shapes!  I tried. I did. I'm not sure I do so well with it. I feel that it would work better with cookies and watermelon slices :)

I'm so excited about the coupons for the Oroweat breads! I love buying healthy foods for my family and this includes the right breads and bagels. The bread cutter shapes are so cute that your kids wont even realize that you are using  100% Whole Wheat Bread in your menu! :)  

About Arnold Oroweat:
Grain-based with lots of variety and great taste, Arnold is Bread Perfected®! Slower, longer baking ensures that each package of sliced bread, buns and rolls reaches its peak texture and flavor. This, along with the best ingredients and the highest standards in quality produces our superior taste. With a wide selection of bread that includes fiber, whole grains, rye and light breads, Arnold is recognized as the brand for healthful, nutritious bread.
At Arnold Bread, we take our craft to heart. We use simple ingredients to bake fresh products that are both delicious and nutritious, making it that much easier for you to meet your wellness goals while enjoying every bite!
Sliced breads (Grains & More(TM), Whole Grains, Country Breads, Dutch Country®, Soft Family, Rye, Light Breads, Fruit Breads, Brick Oven®, Stoneground), Sandwich Thins®, Buns & Rolls, Stuffing

Follow Arnold/Oroweat on Facebook  and visit their website for more information on their healthy products.

This was not a paid post and these opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. I received the lunchkit for this review. See my disclosure

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  1. that is so cute... broxton would love the dog cutter

  2. I love the sandwich cutters. They would be perfect for Muffin Tin Monday.


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