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The New Privacy Predator - Aloha Friday

The Steps Leading Up to a Cyber Crime 

1. You snap a photo of your puppy playing in your backyard with your GPS-enabled phone. 

2. Your phone turns on its GPS receiver and determines your location from the signals of orbiting GPS satellites. 

3. The latitude and longitude coordinates (geotags) are embedded into the image file. 

4. You post the photo to your twitter account using twitpic, and the embedded geotag remains intact. 

5. A hacker trolling twitpic for photos with geotag data swipes your location coordinates. 

6. The hacker plugs the latitude and longitude into a Web program or Google Maps to pinpoint your address. 

7. The next time you tweet about going out to dinner for the evening or leaving for a week long vacation in the Bahamas, the hacker who has your address breaks into your house. 

8. You kiss your valuables good - bye.

I notice on facebook that I see people status as. I'm at 2010 sunflower place, Pineville, CA 90993. And I'm like why on earth would anyone want to do that! 

1. Do you do the geotag thing?

2. What's one thing you do to protect yourself online? 

No I don't geotag. 

2. I use virus protection and I NEVER visit a link unless it's from family/trusted friends and verified if it looks suspicious.
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  1. I'm surprised by that geotag thing, too. I don't think I want people knowing my exact location! I remember seeing on the news that a girl's home was robbed because through a tweet they knew she wasn't home.

  2. I never do that, I don't trust people! It's creepy that people would put exact whereabouts!

  3. No I don't think I Geo tag. However when I am posting from my Blackberry, I think it can be Geo tagged. I think some folks just don't care about this. And really it doesn't matter. One would have to really get to you and by the time they do you would probably be moving on.
    It's a Black Friday Question

  4. Occasionally, I twitpic but what you've listed here is my biggest fear. I usually tweet or FB after I've left the place and I've returned home.

    Those Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts are so delicious!!! Thanks so much for playing along for Friday Food Fight again this week. :-)

  5. WOW!!!! I never thought about the Geo tag. I don't use it but like you when I see people saying where they are I have the same reaction. That's too much information.

  6. Stuff like that and four square are just way too much information for me to give out.

    Have a great Friday!

  7. nope..
    don't do it!
    toooooooooo worried about my safety!
    and, I just do not get it anyways! :)
    hope you had a happy thanksgiving

  8. I can't agree more with you about #1. As far as #2, I tried my best, but in an effort to view some family pictures - because the people posted had only FB! I signed up for FB and now, it's history. Sort of regret this one.

  9. Hi Colette. Announcing where I am is not really something I like to do. LOL. But yes, the things that people say or do online is amazing isn't it? Maybe they think no one is reading? Anyhow, if you ever see me doing anything stupid online, please ping me right away. :-)

  10. I put next nothing about myself on FB. I use Norton every week full blown, and it also has it own schedule. I say when we're back not when we're going on vacation. I may say we're going, but never when, and I definitely don't say info about others. Good question there baby girl & great info.

  11. Not into 4 Square or any of the other items that let you know location. If I want to generically Tweet about something, so be it. I do not need people to know my location. We protect in a lot of ways thanks to being the victims of identity thefy and cyber stalking.

  12. I'm like you - I don't geotag and use antivirus programs.

  13. WOW, that's scary! I do not use geotag, nor will I ever. Why on earth would anyone want to post there location on the net for strangers to see is beyond me...

  14. No I don't and don't understand why others do. I see all those smart phones where people check into stores, you could be stalked! Scary!

  15. No I don't and don't understand why others do. I see all those smart phones where people check into stores, you could be stalked! Scary!

  16. 1) No, I don't do the geotag thing.

    2) The one thing I do is not telling exactly where in the world I am at, nor display my birthday or phone numbers..It's crazy to do that!


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