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Tv Shows And Food Fight - Aloha Friday / Friday Follow

There was a fun discussion going on in my bible study the other day about Tivo and DVRing and all that. They made it sound so easy and exciting.

I would love to be able to tape my shows that I don't get to watch anymore because my kids are awake, however when would I find the time to watch them?

I especially love the part about rewinding live tv. lol That should be interesting to see.
Of course while I'd love to have Tivo, I'd rather have food on my table and right now that's where it's at.

What about you? Do you have a system that you use to tape your shows until you can find the time to watch them?

2. Where do you rent your movies?

I usually don't buy anything being advertised until a year or so after. Yes I'm weird like that, but gosh I just had to try the McRibs! While eating it, all I could do was moan and grunt. I'll have to try it again, maybe I was just devastatingly hungry and you know how everything taste better when you are hungry.
Have you tried the McRibs as yet? 

I am also joining in with Friday Follow. So if you happen to visit and follow me, I will definitely be returning the love.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Seriously, TiVo is the BEST thing EVER!!! I couldnt live without it. If times got tough and I had to pick between internet and Tivo, I would pick TiVo! lol

    Get it, you'll love it!

  2. I don't tape any shows and rent any movies either :D

  3. I love my DVR!!! I get to watch so many shows that I would never get to watch otherwise since we are usually never home. The only thing I hate about it is that it needs to be able torecord more than 2 shows at once.

  4. I use the DVR and also go to the On demand.
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  5. No Tivo or DVR here either...we just watch On Demand if we want to see something we missed.

    We use to use Netflix for renting but didn't use it as much as we should so we cancelled our membership.

  6. NO Tivo. NO DVRs too. I don't really follow any TV shows to really need any recording device. And like you, I won't have the time to watch them anyway... so useless for our lifestyle.
    I watch a lot of movies though. We buy the movie, catch it on cable or through Netflix!

  7. I do not watch much TV, unless it's a cable news station. Nor do I watch movies, would rather read so don't have to worry about missing any shows/movies

  8. You know, recently SO subscribed to Netflix, that is the way to go! I used to record all the kids DVDs so that we can take it on the road.

    We occasionally rent movies yes, from the BlockBuster kiosk at the super market.

  9. I use the DVR, On Demand and also am a member of Netflix.

  10. Nope, I don't tape any shows (don't watch any regularly really, either). I do have a Roku box and rent movies from Netflix.

  11. I used to use our DVR, but we got rid of our TV to save money. Now I used Hulu or just go online to watch um.

    I rent from Redbox or netfilx

  12. I LOVE my DVR! I usually watch my shows when Princess Nagger is at school. If I miss something, I'll make sure to watch it online (either at the networks website, or on Hulu). Hubby has been doing the Netflix thing a lot lately. :)

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  13. I don't have any system.

  14. LOL I've never had a McRibb but my hubby has a friend who will move heaven and earth to get to a McDonalds when they release the McRibb! Oh and I love my Tivo it ROCKS! Thanks for playing along in our Friday Food Fight! x :-D

  15. I watch the ones my daughter get through Netflix

  16. I use to be a diehard fan of American idol until everything started changing for he worse & I'd tape shoes if I couldn't watch it. Otherwise I have a library of movies girl, you would not believe. I love my old movies and Christmas movies. You name it, I probably have it. If not in DVD then in VHS. Literally tons. Besides now a days you can see anything you want on cable or on-line.

  17. I LOVE MY DVR!!! and I've been meaning to try the McRib too! Following you from Giveaway Blogs!

  18. Since kids reign over the TV most of the time, my hubby and I watch our shows on Hulu or go to the station it was broadcasted from: NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.. Since we have the computers, we try make use of them as best as we can. Plus we are too "thrifty" to buy a DVR or Tivo.
    Don't tell my hubby, but I tried the McRib recently. I think they put a lot more BBQ sauce on it, than they used to. We had a discussion about it, it really is only a rib shaped hamburger with BBQ sauce. McD's doesn't even have the nutrition info out yet. HMMM?

  19. i want tivo at some point..
    now, if we miss it, we miss it...
    and renting?
    i was a die hard blockbuster fan..
    but you can not find them near us now! (on demand is what we do now, whenever we rent... which is never)

  20. 1) I don't have a system to record what I have missed..I'll catch on re-run, or from the computer.

    2) Our movies are rented at Blockbuster..

    Thanks for joining..See you next week!

  21. I LOVE Most of my tv viewing in on the internet now and hulu puts my shows into my queue so I know when there are new shows. I also still tivo shows, too.


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