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Bonding Over Hair And Chocolates - WW

She sits and lets me do her hair since she was 2 and something. She only cries when I'm washing her hair and not all the time either.  I just have to find ways to distract and calm her a bit.

When I'm doing her hair, I'll let her have whatever books and toys she wants, but she reads so fast, she wants other things to do to pass the time. 
Now I share my computer with her and she does her ABCs and reading, while I do her hair and everyone is happier. 

When I do her hair like this, it's easier for me because I don't have to worry about grooming her hair so much in the mornings while trying to get the boy ready for school. It serves for a week or two and then we undo and wash and start all over again. 

 A little chocolate doesn't hurt either :)
 I'll have to start doing them bigger to cut down on the time.

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  1. I have to do similar strategies when doing my 2YO AND 4 year old's hair. Beautiful results! I LOVE WHAT YOU've Done TO HER HAIR.

  2. It's really cute. If she's anything like me the chocolate will make her more restless. Did you see "Good Hair" with Chris Rock? It's quite a telling and entertaining documentary. I'm really glad my dil decided to go natural so much more appealing, it's a different challenge, but one which allows her true beauty to shine.

  3. Thank you Sweeter the berry and Kaur.


    I haven't see "Good Hair" , but now that you've mentioned it, I'd love to see it.

    And no chocolate doesn't make her restless. She loves it now! Since I've let her taste it a time or two, I think I've created a chocolate monster :)

    I really hope she will let her hair remain natural and beautiful as she grow older.

  4. Gorgeous hair! That is a very patient little girl. Chocolate makes me happy too. :)

  5. I haven't been by here in a while... it was great to see your name over at WW! And I have to tell you, I love your header and how you say not to mistake shyness for weakness. I agree. :)

  6. Gosh, I can only convince my girls to let me do a pony tail. so adorable.

    btw - I love your sub-title. For me i would have to add to not mistake shyness as being stuck up.

  7. It looks gorgeous! And your blog header is so pretty. The new look is very calming too. Good job!

  8. Whenever I see little girls with those amazing 'do's, I always think, How do they do that??? Now I know! :)

    I have a 3-y-o daughter who won't even keep her head still enough for me to do two braids. But then, she has super-fine hair, which is impossible to manage anyway; it won't stay put. And I'm not patient enough, either.

  9. She is a beautiful child.
    Her hair is wonderful.
    Your an awesome mom.

  10. she must be pretty darn couldn't get me to sit that

    btw, I love the header pic!

  11. I don't have girls, but I know what my girlfriend goes through just to brush her girls hair and do a ponytail.

    She looks so adorable with her braids.

  12. The hair is really cute and you are really talented:) Merry Christmas!

  13. My mom tried that for a summer. But I made her put beads on the ends. I liked the clicking sound it made when I walked. However, I hated the poking me in the eye feeling when jumping rope. Never got beads again. And, I was too impatient to sit often for braids. She should have tried chocolate. Instead she would do two pigtail every single morning. Sometimes she'd get creative and do like four. Daughters are a lot of work! I haven't combed #1's hair in weeks. We just cut it off when it looks like it needs a combing.

  14. Great hair and very shiny looking too :O)

  15. I'm always impressed when I see small children with braids like that. I couldn't get my kids to sit still for basic ponytails!

  16. I'm always impressed when I see small children with braids like that. I couldn't get my kids to sit still for basic ponytails!

  17. That looks like so much work! How long did it take? It turned out great, though!

    An Island Life

  18. looks super cute... glad she is so patient...
    will make it all the better when she gets older and wants her hair all fancy for prom and what not! :)

  19. Oh she is so adorable too. Chocolate will make anything work, okay!! Now gear yourself up for the various stages of doing her hair's coming!
    (From Val @ GrandMa's World)


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