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Christmas And Sweets Go Well Together - Aloha Friday

Saturday when my son is home from school, I'll break out the tree and other decor and get down to work. I want him to be a part of the whole thing. 
It's  a fake tree. I don't mind right now, but sometime in the future I really would love a real tree. I want to smell real pine *sniff* I can smell it even now. 

I bought a wreathe this year. I'm excited to hang it on my door. I yearn to have the cozy home feeling. 

How about you. 

1 What kid of tree will you be using this year for Christmas, fake or real? 

2. How long do you keep your tree up? 

I just bought these for the first time. I'm waiting for the right time to open and indulge. What say you about these sweets?

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  1. We bought a 9 foot artificial tree 6 or 7 years ago and love it but I miss the scent of the live trees. Our tree and house wreaths have been up for a couple weeks however we won't be done decorating until Saturday. We usually take the tree down just after the first of the year.
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  2. Fake. I LOVE the smell of a real tree...

  3. We usually put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but haven't yet, we will be putting it up this weekend and it will be up until after the first of the year.

  4. Hi Colette,
    I'm not a Christian, so I do nothing for christmas...
    but I hope you and your kids would enjoy decorating Christmas tree...

    wish you the best!

  5. We use an artificial tree and will keep it up until the day after New Years. It's all packed away for another year.

  6. We use to have an artificial tree, but haven't had a tree in years. We kept it up until New Years Day.

  7. We have a fake tree but I would love to have a real tree some year. We keep our tree up through New Years Day.

    My Aloha Friday post:

  8. We have Artificial ones and we keep them up until January the 7th. After Three Kings day.
    Fridays Question:Holiday Music

  9. We have a fake one and it will stay up until New Years Day

  10. we've had the same fake tree since our very first Christmas together, and it now became a family Christmas tree, and I have no plans of switching to a real tree, ever, but maybe to a new fake rotating tree.
    usually our Christmas tree stay up until after the first Sunday after New Year's Day.

  11. I have an artificial tree which is up on Thanksgiving and comes down on December 26th. One month and I'm done! :)

  12. You're so sweet! Thanks for the shout out!!!
    I'm feeling lazy this year so I pupped up a cheesy small fake tree. There is still time to redeem myself though :)
    Funny you should bring up chocolate. I got this box of killer new candy bars yesterday and swiftly hid the box from everyone else.

    Have a great Friday!

  13. i have always had a fake one.
    then when i met my (now) husband we started getting a real one!
    love it...
    it stays up till like jan. 3 i think.
    :) no set date...
    just whenever is convenient.
    and the chocolate?
    eat WHILE you decorate the tree...
    a little reward for your work :)

  14. My tree always comes down on New Year Day! We use a real tree so by then, I'm tired of cleaning up the needles

  15. We have a fake tree here. I don't think my allergies could handle a real tree. The dust mites on a fake tree are bad enough! LOL Just get one of those plug-in pine scented things if you want a pine scented tree. ;-)

    I would love a real wreath for my front door. I say every year I'm going to buy one and never do. This is the year, gosh darn it!

    As for chocolate, I'm a chocolate snob. I love Ghirardelli. That's what I used for my peppermint bark.

  16. My tree usually stays up through the first week of January. January 6 - 10 is when it is typically taken down. :)

  17. We've been using a fake tree as it's just cheaper than buying a new one every year, plus clean up is easier.

    We're planning to put the tree up this weekend and will plan to take it down probably within a week after Christmas.

    That chocolate looks yummy! I am pretty unbiased when it comes to chocolate treats, I'll eat all of it! haha

  18. Fake tree this year and we will keep it up until 6th of January.

  19. Oh my word, first Kirsten's bear claw and now that tray of sinful decadence.

    As far as the right time to eat them . . . there couldn't possibly be a wrong time so go for it :-)!

    Ne follower from Gone Banana's!

  20. We have an artificial tree that I love. It comes prelit and so I never have to mess with the lights. I keep it up as long as I can but usually get tired of it just before New Years.

  21. We're probably still going with fake this year. We keep it up for about two weeks after Christmas.

  22. We go fake, my hubby is allergic to the real thing (we tried one year). According to tradition you are supposed to take it down Jan 6 for the day of Epiphany or you will have bad luck. I think as long you have it down by the end of January, you're doing good.

  23. We have to have artificial since my son is highly allergic to real ones. I can't even burn candles with the scent of pine, because of the oils or he will end up in the ER.

  24. Fake. We put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving and will probably take it down New Years Day.

  25. We always get a real Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day. We travel a few hours and pick it from a farm. Luckily, we live in the area that is well known for Christmas Trees! We leave it up until New Year's.

  26. Thanks for the shout-out Colette, see you on Monday? :-)

  27. We get a real tree and we take it down after the New Year.

  28. I have a fake tree and take it down after the New Year. :)
    And those chocolates? Um, YUMM! Eat them all and eat them now! {that's what i would do} LOL


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