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Montana, Wyoming And Trucking On Into Canada - LA To AK Vacation Trip

May 6, 2010

We are trucking on to Montana to get a quick visit with one of my SILs and her husband and 3 children. It will be wonderful for the cousins to meet again. They haven't met since my son was 18 months old! Now my son is four and I had a daughter who is 3, whom the cousins have not yet seen at all. 
 No, there are no better ones. Kids don't sit still :)

Update: It was a fun little meet up. My kids were fatigued and took a while to warm up but it was nice and this SIL will fly to Ak to meet up with us again when we get there for the graduation of the youngest brother from high school.
 The bird did meet a violent end. I felt sad for it.

Before our trip I had started a birthday countdown for my D. He'll be turning five. He loves crossing off the days, so I brought the calendar along so he could continue this on our vaca-tour. He loves it! 
 He enjoyed counting down to his birthday.

Dood it's below freezing in Wyoming! 

The best invention in a vehicle for me right now is the child lock security. I see my kids fiddling with the doors and windows and it's just so good not to  have to worry about them opening the vehicle door while you are flying down the street at the speed of mph. 

Or worry about them opening the door and slamming it into someone else parked beside us. Yes  I absolutely love child locks!

There are times when we must stop and sleep in a bed or drive to our deaths, but alas sometimes these last resort motels...'otels make me feel naked without our guns. Yes we do have guns and know how to use them.
But alas , while we are not worried about the laws in the US states, it's another thing to deal with Canadian laws and since we will be visiting Canada, why bother with the hassle eh? So we left them at home.

Now these motels, if they aren't the chain ones or nice ones that are familiar to me, makes me a bit leery. I love me some comfort Inn, but alas, Comfort is expensive.

Oh well, isn't this all packed into the life of adventure? Let's hope our truck and etc will be here tomorrow in one piece. don't know I'm not the Shark slayer :) 

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  1. how fun!
    yall stay safe!
    they are getting so big! :)

  2. Those mountain shots are gorgeous!

    I agree with you on the child locks. They bring a lot of peace of mind to parents.

    Have a GREAT time!

  3. Beautiful shots! Following back! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Wow, totally wonderful pics! Thanks so much for sharing. Those babies of yours are getting big that handsome little devil. He's going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up I bet, and your baby girl what a tiny Diva she is. That last picture I'd blow up and put it on my frontroom wall in a nice frame. It's gorgeous.

  5. You have some amazing shots!! And your kids are absolutely adorable!! Too cool they get to visit their cousins - and I love how your son likes to 'count down' to his birthday...Princess Nagger likes to do that, too! :)

    Awwwww! Thank you for the feature spot - you are a sweetheart! :)

  6. Thank you Stacy! :)
    I know he is going to want to do the countdown again next year. Should be fun! He is fascinated with the calendar these days!

    And you are welcome. Just sharing the blog love.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. Thank you Dolly.

    Oh how fast they do grow! The boy is almost at my chin now! And it's true. He is already having little girls give him gifts (bands) and telling him he sings great, at school. lol. Oh the stories he tells me when he gets home.

    The little tiny girl thinks she is the woman of the house and she is downright bossy!

    I agree about blowing up and printing this photo. I'll have to pass it by dh.

    Stay warm sweet woman.

  8. Brrr....I thought it was cold here.
    Enjoy your trip.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. The mountain photos are fantastic!!

    I hope to show my children the mountains some day. I forgot that. I should make that our next family vacation. Thanks for reminding me. ;)

  10. Wow... you are really have a beautiful views... I love it.

    And thank you for stopping by.

    Be blessed and hugs,


  11. Looks like a lot of fun! They are so cute together. So much snow too.


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