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One Of Those Frozen Mornings - WW

I can now watch the sunrise again. I'm super excited about this and love seeing the gorgeous glow that happens in my home! 

Here the kids are sharing with me before D has to go off to school. We are actually waiting for the car to thaw out. Everything outside is frozen.
 It was a gorgeous sunrise

 That right there is ice. Everything was frozen
There, a moment in time, are my little angels. 

Ask Yourself. Are you living or are you existing?

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  1. Brrrrr Ihate being cold. luv the last pic so sweet

  2. I love the frozen stillness of the morning! We are definitely living in our house. Taking each day by the horns and enjoying each other.

  3. Ohhh beautiful "warmth" even in the cold!

  4. What a beautiful way to start the day!

    An Island Life

  5. Great photos!

    It's been wicked cold here too. There was a freeze watch last night. I think we will find ice and everything frozen over this morning.

  6. So sweet. It has been SO cold here!!! Stay warm you guys.

  7. Great capture. Truly a moment frozen in time.

  8. Hey- at least you don't have the ice and the snow to go with the cold. Crazy weather...

    Have a great day!

  9. love the picture where they are looking out and see all the frost

  10. What beautiful photos!

    I've got a GIVEAWAY in the works come visit me! I need 100 followers before I can give away my surprise (retailed at $75)!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. What a nice sunrise! But, and snow...yuck!

  13. I love that you captured that special frozen moment!

  14. Great pics baby girl. Thanks for sharing. It's that family moment that's priceless.

  15. Hi Colette! Don't quite know how I found your blog but I pressed something and here I am. It's such a fantastic positive blog thatI have added myself as your latest follower on GFC and Twitter. We've had some extreme weather here in the UK but it still looks and feels beautiful. What a lovely photo of your children too. Anyway I look forward to browsing around.
    Please feel free to drop by and get a glimpse of the future and maybe follow if you want.
    Warmest wishes
    Carol from
    Last post 'Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...'

  16. I love the way the morning sun makes the frosted world glow.

  17. Very pretty pictures.

    Depends on the day. Some days I am living and some days I am barely existing. I am trying hard to be living....

  18. Beautiful kids with a beautiful view. It's doesn't get any better!

  19. what a sweet and beautiful post
    and i love the pics

  20. Noelle
    Thank you.
    For a year or two we don't get to see our sunrise until it's all the way up in the sky, because of t he canefield.
    But when they harvest the field, it's like falling in love with God's sunrise just for me, all over again!


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