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She's A Barefoot Driver - Aloha Friday

My driving situation is this: When I began driving I couldn't do it with my shoes on. I was afraid I'd press the gas pedal too hard and get into an accident. So I practiced learning to drive with bare feet. 

It's winter now and I really don't want to take my feet out my shoes to drive, so I'm practicing to drive with my shoes on. It's freaky! It's almost like learning to drive all over again. It scares me a little. Sometimes on the return trip, I don't even realize my shoes was on until I got home!!!!

What about you? 

1. Do you drive barefoot? 
2. Who taught you to drive? 

1. I'm a barefoot driver :)
2. My husband taught me to drive and he was surprisingly patient and very helpful.

Tonight for dinner I made my own pizza. I wanted dh to taste my home made pizza. Everyone LOVED it! I'm all pleased and stuff and have decided to give them dessert :) 
I will make another pizza with wheat dough. We'll see how that one turns out. I am loving the Boboli! 

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    This is my favorite pizza dough recipe.

    1. I do drive barefoot. Sometimes even in winter, if it hasn't snowed yet.

    2. My ex mother in law taught me to drive. One of the few things she did right.

  2. While I have driven barefoot in the summer, I make sure my flip flops are right next to me. In NC, it is illegal to drive barefoot (which is totally stupid btw...the law, not the action).

  3. Pizza looks absolutely scrumptious! I love sliced tomatoes on my pizza! mmm
    Yes, I like to drive barefooted, but I hear it's against the law. Hmmm Wonder if that's true. Probably. Anyway, my dad taught me how to drive, and he was a professional truck driver, and the other person that taught me more was my uncle & he was a police officer, so I guess I learned from the best.

  4. Wow. Now I need to look into our laws here! lol
    That is insane. I wonder why they'd make such a law.

  5. I've never even thought about driving barefoot! I took a driver ed class in school, but my parents are the ones who really taught me to drive.

    Happy New Year!

  6. When I was younger, and we lived in the mountains, I did drive barefoot.
    I'd go fast and barefoot up, down and around the mountains.

    My first husband taught me how to drive.

    Your pizza looks delicious.
    I have some Boboli in the fridge right now. I probably don't need to keep the shells cold, but I do.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Never drove barefoot. My Mom taught me how to drive because my Dad was very sick at the time and he passed when I was 16.

  8. *said in best Homer voice* Mmmm Pizza! I like the Boboli crust too! Looks and sounds scrumdiddyumptious! :-)

  9. I love driving barefoot too. I'm just afraid I'll get into an accident and then I'll have to get out of the car with bare feet. I guess I could leave my flip-flops on the seat next to me just in case. lol

    Love the Boboli too! I haven't had it in ages because DH makes homemade crust for us.

    Thanks for playing along for Friday Food Fight! Happy New Year! :-)

  10. Mmmmmm....Pizza! It looks more than yummy!

    In the summer I've been known to kick off my sandals and drive barefoot. I started out driving with my left foot for the brake and my right foot for the gas. Freaked many passengers out but it was more comfortable for me to drive that way.

    Now I usually keep my shoes on and drive with only my right foot.

    I learned to drive in drivers ed.

  11. I never drive barefoot. I was taught that it wasn't safe. My dad taught me to drive when I was 16.

    Your pizza looks yummy by the way!
    Happy New Year!

  12. I do sometimes in the summer.

    And I took a driving class in high school

  13. I do not drive barefoot and a boyfriend taught me how to drive.

  14. Hi there, I like the pizza a lot. It looks yummy!
    1) I don't drive barefoot, I actually prefer with shoes more.
    2) Sorry, I can't remember! I mostly learned from driving school.

  15. my parents taught me to drive...
    and barefoot?! NO... Always been told that it was illegal! :)

  16. When I owned a car from time to time I would drive. I was taught by several family members how to drive and then eventually ended up going to Drivers Education.


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