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Music That Inspires By Shelley & Cal

"We love people and we feel privileged each time we get to play music. We want everyone from all walks of life to get a sense of just how much and how deeply God loves them when they experience our music or see our live shows." - Shelley & Cal

"Married music duo creating an uplifting edge of rock/gospel."
Eugene, Oregon husband and wife team, Shelley & Cal James joyously create music that soaks into listeners' hearts and minds and moves even deeper into their spirits -- touching and changing everyone who hears it. Regardless of whether you're listening to the soul-stirring songs found on Shelley & Cal's new 4-song release "Something Goin' On" from 44-4 Records - or clapping along to their captivating live performances - the joy and authenticity that is the very heart of Shelley & Cal's musical mission always shines through. On "Something Goin' On" Shelley & Cal reach deep into their diverse musical quiver and shoot sonic arrows into every music lover's heart and offer something special for everyone.

Shelley James has been in the music business for years, but finds herself facing unique challenges these days. She is half of the popular northwest duo, Shelley and Cal, Cal being her husband. They live together, work together, and care for their baby girl all while trying to thrive in an industry more known for debauchery than family and strength. “We feel called to do what we do with our music”, Shelley says, “So while working on things for business, it is very distracting to keep feeling that I need to get out the vacuum cleaner”.
Shelley & Cal’s latest release, “Something Goin’ On”, beautifully illustrates their relationship as artists and family, from the rockin’ title track to their inspiring rendition of “Amazing Grace”, they convey messages of hope, love, faith and yearning. Consistent with their personal philosophy, Shelley describes the purposefulness behind the music. “There are messages threaded throughout our music -- messages of hope “.

Shelley is exemplary- as a mother, a wife, a musician, and a business woman, and we believe her story, much like her music, is an inspiration to everyone.

You can find out more about them at their website:  and can watch their great music video at

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  1. They're new to me, so thank you!

  2. Me too...never heard of them. Will google and see. Cute kid too.

  3. Wow, that is fantastic they found each other. Making music huh, what a great career.


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