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My Son Has Mastered Another Milestone - WW

I taught the boy to ride in about two weeks. I'm rather proud of him and myself. Now he has this great big smile as he whizzes by me. 

I didn't want him in training wheels and he only had one big wipe out that left him with a road rash on his elbow a few weeks ago. 

I remember teaching him to ride in the kitchen of our tiny apartment when he was just a tot. Oh how fast they grow.

I'm ready to take the girl's training wheels off and have a go at teaching her. 
I'm just wondering if there will be much of a difference since he is five and she is three. 
Oh well. it's worth a try. They are coming off!  *click to enlarge*
 They actually want to race each other now. Oy!
 He really doesn't want to stop and pose :)
 And they're off!
 I tell them that their spills/crashes are their battle scars to boast about :) It works great!

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  1. Yay! Growing up so fast!

  2. Awww, look at that huge smile on his face! I'm sure he was so proud of himself as well xD

    Congratulations on both of your accomplishments!

  3. How fun! I can't wait to teach my oldest how to ride a bike. It is the first taste of freedom I remember as a kid.

  4. Woo hoo! I have to get another bike for my girl so that I could take off the training wheels on this one bike that she and my son share. :)

  5. YAY! That's awesome! Target sells this thing called a "buddy bar" to help kids ride a bike without training wheels. It's supposed to be a great little helper.

  6. I love what you say about the battle scars! You're clever!

    They look so tickled about riding. Fun!

  7. they grow up so fast!

    but, just like in the rest of life, falls and spills are part of the process.

  8. you must be SO proud :)

  9. you're a great mom Callie.

  10. Your an awesome Mom.
    I still remember getting my training wheels off.
    I was scared, got a few battle scars, but I finally caught on.

  11. Look at him go. Now you'll never catch him,lol.

  12. Watch out!
    Now he has the wind beneath his wings!!

  13. wow
    time does fly...
    i remember my dad teaching me to ride my bike!

  14. That is awesome. I still remember learning to ride a bike, however I was taught by my older brother and I think he thought it was funny when we crashed. :)

  15. Don't blink they'll be dating and asking for the keys to the car! Goodness! So proud!

  16. Way to go! So exciting! Happy New Year!

  17. Your kids are so cute!

    Have a great day!

  18. Great job with the bike riding! They're adorable. I am a terrible bike riding teacher... Can you teach my three youngest too? :-) Cute shots!

  19. That's awesome, Colette!! Good job teaching him!

    My boys are 20, 24 & 26 now... they did grow up Way too fast!!!! Sigh... Glad you're enjoying your children so much!!!! :-)


  20. I am so impressed! My daughter was going into 2nd grade when my husband insisted on taking her training wheels off. I secretly thought he was so mean...then I saw the pride in her eyes as he guided her into success.

    I am such a ninny.

    If it had been up to me, she'd probably still have training wheels as a high schooler.

  21. I'm really impressed b/c this is something that I never accomplished:) Such fun!

  22. My kids learned to ride without training wheels a year apart. It was harder on my son, since he is the baby and he likes to milk it.

  23. Our daughter started on training wheels. She put a couple hundred miles on the driveway before they came off. We let her ride up the street to a friends house for the first time this week. When she came home her eyes were bright like FREEDOM!!.

  24. I recall when my boys were able to ride the first time. they were so excited and so very proud of themselves. Good job mom and son. smiles


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