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NFCC 2011 National Financial Literacy Poster Contest

As a parent, you know your children will learn the importance of making smart
money choices
through experience. But did you know financial experts agree that starting early in life is one of the keys to later financial success? 

I would love to share about a fun chance for children of
all ages to get a head start towards a smart financial future!

In an effort to increase interest in financial literacy to our nation's youth,
the NFCC is once again sponsoring the 2011 Be Money-Wise National Financial
Poster Contestand has chosen "Be a $uperhero! $ave Money!" as this
year's theme. 

The contest is a great way to get young students thinking about
how to manage money effectively, and offers them a creative outlet to
demonstrate their knowledge. 
The contest also provides the opportunity for local and national recognition for student artwork, and rewards the winners with US savings bonds as well as other prizes!

Do you have a child or children in mind that you feel has the talent and
creativity to win? All school-aged children in grades 3-12 are eligible to enter
with local and national winners to be chosen from each of three grade
categories. Students from public, private, and home-schools are welcome. 

Entries will be judged by expression of the theme (above), artistic style, creativity, and must be submitted through an NFCC Member Agency for judging. 

*The submission deadline for poster entries is in February 2011, varying by each specific member agency.

National finalists will be judged in Washington, DC in mid-March and placed in
contention for three national awards, one per each of the three grade
An overall national winner will then be chosen from the three
category winners. The winner will be presented with the national award plaque as well as a $500 savings bond during Financial Literacy Month in Washington, DC at the JumpStart Coalition's Annual Awards Dinner in April!

Parents are encouraged to visit to find rules,
entry forms, and submission details. 

Encourage a child to get involved today!

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This was not a paid post. See my disclosure

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  1. This sounds really great. A good way to get the kids involve and thinking finance.


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