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What's In A Name - Aloha Friday

When I was pregnant with the boy, dh and I made a list of names and then we marked off to our top five and then top 3 and then we selected the #1. On his list for #1 was between David and Matthew. My list was the same and so we went with David. I love his name. It's strong. It's him.  We did the same thing with our daughter but he eventually lost out and I picked her name. 

I also decided not to use any names in the family because I didn't want anyone to feel bad and I didn't like their names for my children anyway. 

Now my questions

1. Did you get to choose the names you really wanted for your children? Or were you pressured from friends and family to use names in the family or etc? 

2. Do you like the name given to you by your parents?

Even though I knew my mom for just a short time before I left. I miss her cooking really bad. 
I'd love to have some of her ackee & saltfish and fry dumpling. I'd gorge myself if I get to eat these food from my country again. Sigh. 

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  1. I never really thought about it, but I guess I'm ok with my name. It sure beats what they were deciding against.

  2. WE chose our kids names like you did, made a list and narrowed it down. I;m very happy with all of their names.

    Yes, I like my name too. My Dad wanted to name me Liberty Anne Justus. Fortunately he lost.

  3. We do not have kids yet but we have names all picked out, just by the two of us.
    I don't like my name, my mother named me after her dead grandmother.

  4. I dislike my first name. I went to school with about a million other Jennifers. I wish my parents would have used my middle name, Robyn, as my first name :)

    With my girls, we went for names that were a bit off the beaten path. My youngest daughter's name, Sierra, came from my favorite book, The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers. My middle daughter's name is Arianna Elizabeth. I got the Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice and we picked Arianna because it is unique. Although that is quite the mouthful to say when she is in trouble :) My oldest daughter's name also came from a book - Kaylee. My son's name, Zachary, we just both really liked. So no family names for us.

  5. I hope you don't mind but this might be a little lengthy. We did not listen to any suggestions. We knew we wanted strong, short first names and from the Bible for boys due to our long last name and for girls, we just couldn't agree. Thank God we had 2 healthy boys. Our 1st is Paul Michael. Our 2nd came early and we hadn't decided yet. There were complications, I was rushed into the OR under general anesthesia and had a Csection and the docs told hubby they had 10 min or they would lose the baby. Hubby later told me that they brought the baby out in 8 min and he was so relieved that he decided on the spot what the baby's name would be. When I woke up, the nurse said to me, meet Mark James, and I loved the name!!

  6. We chose Princess Nagger's name like you did - made a list and narrowed it down. Since my parents incorporated variations of their names into our names, I wanted to do the same for PN. I spent a lot of time researching my top picks online for name definitions, and what we picked is so appropriate! ;)

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  7. I don't know what, but I never really liked my I get older, it doesn't bother me.

    As far kids names - I don't know where I got Parker from, but I am very much against common names (Andrew, Stephanie, Luke, Ashley). So Parker was different but not too weird...

  8. I never really liked my own name. It's always mispronounced.

    We have four kids and my husband and I chose their names on our own (Cameron, Shelby, Connor, and Zachary). Only with our youngest did we have trouble deciding on a name. I wanted Spencer and hubby wanted Zachary. We didn't name him until he was two days old and he was named Zachary (which of course now fits him - they just become their names I guess)

  9. We chose our baby's name but we did hear some suggestions from family about names. My hubby's aunt was pleased that our child's middle name was her middle name too but I had chosen it after my mother. lol

  10. We got some pressure but stuck with the names we wanted. Our first son we gave a very Biblical name to, and used one Granddad's name as a middle name. Our second son we choose a name more because we liked the sound of it, and used the other grand-dad for the middle name. Kind of wish that we had switched grand-dads because our first ended up with two names from the Bible and our second didn't get any Biblical names...and turned out not to like his middle name too. Ug. Though he did bond with that Grandpa so maybe later that will be important to him. Our third we had a name picked "Trace" (which had a subtle joke that it was like "Tres" -- uno, dos, tres). But then when he was born it didn't suit him (I thought) so after a few days of being nameless we picked another name with the help of our friend, and Trace became his middle name.

  11. PS...almost forgot the second question.

    I love my name because it means "Storm of the Sea" and I grew up on a boat.

  12. Well our daughter was adopted, so we chose a name for her. I guess it one time I did not like my name but as the years go by It's my name so there, like it or not, that what people call me.
    My Friday post-Got Plans?

  13. I blogged about this before - What's in a name

    I was named after my father. And I have mixed feeling about my name.

    AS for the names for my kids, hubby and I chose them and made sure they are not named after anyone. We did have a hard time with our 2nd child with his name, because our 1st pick was already taken by our 1st child and because we had so may considerations.

  14. I chose my kids' name after they were born because I wanted to see them first.

    I guess I'm ok with my name now but didn't like it when I was growing up!

  15. I learned to 'embrace' my name early in life. I had my kids so I chose the names, although, my son has a family name.

    Have a great day!

  16. I love my first name and always have. My middle name is super common and I wish I had a more unique one.

  17. I love family names. My oldest daughter shares my middle name (Rose) which is also shared by many women in my family. Emmalynn shares two family names "Lynn", my sister's middle name and Jaime, my BIL's name.

    Liam's middle is Matthew. I love it's meaning, "a gift from God". It seemed perfect. (No family names with his names. lol)

    I love Jamaican food. Can I join you in that feast when you go back home?

  18. Yes I did and I'm pretty happy with my choices. My name on the other hand I don't care for but my middle name is the worst. Never ever liked it. lol

  19. I've always liked Matthew for a boys name. My name's OK, but I feel a bit left out not having a middle name.

  20. Hi! I am your newest follower! Greatly appreciate the follow back. Happy Friday!
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  21. I was supposed to be named Patricia or Susan, but my Mom & Gram stepped in and named me something more Italian. I was baptized Maria Elena (English Marie Ellen), so my dad stepped in, and nicknamed me Dolly. My kids I named my first born what I should've been named. My first son was named an Italian name that was not chosen in the family. We had a lot of Dominicks, Thomas (my grandfather) and Jimmy's, but no Tony's or Joseph's. My daughter who passed was the same way a name that wasn't chosen in the family. My youngest son after my god-father & grandfather and because my second daughter passed away from crib-death my oldest child took it very hard & I let her name my last child who was a girl also. She was named Melissa Angelina (after her sister who past).

  22. Mine is an old-fashioned Cajun name and I like it, though no one outside of South Louisiana can pronounce it correctly. I don't care -- I'll answer to whatever. We named our daughter after my mother and my husband's grandmother. It suits her.

    My heart aches for you -- there's nothing like the comfort of eating food Mama cooked. I know, though, that you are making those memories for and with your own children. And they won't leave. What a gift to have a mommy like you!

  23. We do not have children but if we did we would choose a name we both agreed on.

    I am okay with the first name my parents picked for me but I do not like my middle name.

  24. My name is okay although sometimes i really wished I had a name that ended in Y ... lol

    but then guess what I did thesame thing to my kids. I named all my kids and was fine with the name. THe only one I really wish that I had not listened to others suggestions and just named her what I wanted was my Daughter. She should of of been a Sarah. Oh well.

  25. I actually picked all three of our childrens names. My hubby just sorta went with it (oh, he is sooo good!). They are named after characters in a series of books (The Work and the Glory). It is hard to live after people because we can be so imperfect sometimes, but qualities found in book characters can live forever!

    I do like my name...the shortened version. It fits me better. Elizabeth vs. Liz. I am too spunky. I like the traditional names and such...just me.

  26. I like my name ok now but when I was younger I did not care for it.

  27. I like my name now, but I didn't like it so much growing up. We didn't have any pressure from our family about using their names, thank goodness, because I had no desire to do that! We just threw names back and forth until we found the ones we liked. :)

  28. I was never pressured to select a name for my children so they got the names I gave them. I suppose my name fits my character in it's meaning, but I'm not sure I like it really.

  29. First of all let me correct something. I must've been tired when I put my comment up. It's my granddaughter who has the middle name of my daughter who passed & my youngest is Melissa Anne-Marie after my MIL & myself. I'm such a feather brain sometimes. Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Stylish blogger Award. You can see the rules and get the button at my blog (like u don't know where that's at! LOL) HUGS!!!

  30. When my sister and I were little we wrote out baby names we liked! I couldn't even tell you what I wrote, prob because it was her idea in the first place and I was the youngest. However, the name she picked for a girl always stuck in my head Meghan Elizabeth. My sister had all boys, so when I found out I was having a girl I asked her if I could use it and she said yes! So the name was picked by my sister and the middle name is after my mum and her grandmother! :-) Your carribean dishes always sound so yummy! Mmmm!

  31. My choices hubby didn't like so we came up with names we both likes. far as my name, I am happy with it. My real name is Tamara but I do like Tammy! (Thank goodness huh?)

  32. 1. We don't have kids yet.
    2. I love my name :)

  33. True Story, My grandfather told my mom I would be named after he and his dad.

    Mom said I aint call'n my kid Rufus Roscoe. Thank you mom.

    We didnt have a lot of great family names to pick from for my son. Willard, Millard, Rufus, Roscoe, Zimmie. You get the picture. LOL

  34. I don't have children, so I'm thinking the second question is for me. Lol

    I really do love the name my parents gave me :) From what they told me, I was supposed to be Emily, but last minute my dad came up with Kayla and they both loved it.

    That food looks absolutely delicious! Do you know where I could find a recipe for it? I would love to give it a go one of these days ^.^


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