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Are Your Whites Pearly? - Aloha Friday

Since I'm hearing such good things about the electric/battery powered toothbrushes. I'm ready to invest in them for our family. I think my hubs have used an electric toothbrush before but no longer do.  I've been using manual all my life and so have my kids. 

1. What kind of toothbrush do you use? manual or rechargeable? 
2. How do you sanitize your toothbrush? 
Ans: I boil our toothbrushes, then change them after certain months

My son was sick the other day and I made him soup. 
I bought a soup mix at Great Harvest Bread Company. The basic recipe is here. And I added carrots and chunks of ham to the mix. It was yummy. I especially loved that I get to sprinkle almonds in it. I didn't sprinkle for mine, I poured! I love almonds in everything! 

It's really yummy! You can have the soup with crackers or bread or rolls.

I am also joining in with Friday Follow. So if you happen to visit and follow me, I will definitely be returning the love.

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  1. I love my electric toothbrush. We all use electric toothbrush. We also use the water pik.
    Before reading your post, I have not heard of sanitizing toothbrushes! Eek! We just change the brushhead a few times.

  2. I use the phillips it and have used it for years. I also have never sanitized one, just rinse it in hot water when I'm done. however; i do clean the outside of it at least once a week, with cleaner, because it can get pretty nasty.

  3. I use the phillips it and have used it for years. I also have never sanitized one, just rinse it in hot water when I'm done. however; i do clean the outside of it at least once a week, with cleaner, because it can get pretty nasty.

  4. We use the Phillips Sonicare, I won it last year, and it is amazing! My dentist is very impressed at how we have "no plaque" at all! Before that I used a battery powered Crest Whitening toothbrush (way less expensive) and it made our teeth nice and white!

  5. I don't sanitize my toothbrush. I just toss it out and get a new one, but I gave my kids the Phillips Sonicare. That thing is great!

  6. Hiya that soup and bread looks yummie. I don't boil our toothbrushes but I do replace them regularly. Hope your son is better soon. I've been off colour this week too. :O/

  7. I use a manual in the morning and electric at night. Listerine is really the best for sanitizing a tooth brush.

    Have a great day!

  8. I use both... but I don't sanitize them I just buy new ones!

  9. Oh, shameful here - just manual, and don't sterilize (other than running under hot water - does that count?) I do make it a point to buy new ones every couple of months.

    That soup sounds so delicious!

  10. I have a manual one...and I just buy new ones every so often

  11. I use an old fashioned hand held manual toothbrush. Too old to change my way I guess :)

    Happy Friday!

  12. I used to have an electric toothbrush, but I am convinced it helped one of my fillings fall out. So it is a manual one for me now. We replace ours frequently so I really only boil them if we are sick.

  13. I used to have electric and loved it but it broke and I have not replaced it yet so I just use a regular toothbrush, I do replace mine every couple of months. If anyone gets a virus or strep we throw them all of our brushes away and start over.


  14. only exercise my arms get. Buy new ones..lot easier.

  15. I use a manual toothbrush. My husband gave me an electric one for my first Mother's Day. I didn't really like using it.

  16. Hi Colette!
    I use a manual (I try to use less electricity) and I soap and dry my toothbrush after use. I also changed it after 3 months but they are not exactly pearly whites. I was told it was because I used to bite my nails.

    I sympathize with you when you said that sometimes the hubby does not share in the housework. I think some males were never trained by their parents to do housework and grow up like "big sloppy boys". Ugh! ;0(

    Thanks for bravely sharing Colette!

  17. 1) I use both. manual and electric. I switch back and forth.
    2) I soak it in boiling water.

  18. We all have electric (battery) toothbrushes. We just got them at Christmas time. When the kids were sick, I soaked them in Peroxide. I just had to change the battery for my daughters.

  19. Sorry your son was sick; but the soup sure sounds & looks awesome!!

    Electric toothbrushes & I change the 'replaceable' heads every 2 months.
    Those germ videos freak me out; so I keep them in a container.

    Have a Great weekend!! ~ Coreen

  20. My husband and I use a Sonicare tooth brush (two brush heads taht we switch out), and I love it. My dentist says he can tell that I use it. We also use the Sonicare sanitizer thing, and I zap them every day. Love that thing! :)

    Happy weekend!

  21. I am a manual brusher, but always wanted electric! We boil them too, but will change them every couple of months!

  22. I use a manual one now...but had a sonicare at one time. I just toss our brushes every 3-6 months...or after we have been sick.

    Have a good weekend girl! :)

  23. the soup looks good! i love almonds, too.

    i use a manual toothbrush, haven't tried electric.

    i soak my toothbrush in boiling water before using it, change it after 3-4 months.

  24. I place mine in a cup of mouthwash from time to time. I figure if the mouthwash kills bacteria in my mouth then maybe it will help to sanitize my brush. I also replace it every few months and always after a cold.

    Your soup looks good. The almonds are a unique addition.

  25. We had a Sonicare, but stopped using it when I got pregnant years ago. My gums were just too sensitive at the time. Now we do not have a lot of space in the bathroom to house it. We change our brushes regularly.

  26. That soup sounds delicious!! And thank you for sharing your experience with bullying and you son the other day. It saddens me that it happens to young, but I am so glad that he has you for a mom in order to show him the right way to treat others.

  27. I use an electric/rechargeable toothbrush (love it!). I sanitize it regularly by running hot scalding water over it after each brushing, but I also will soak the head once a month in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water (3% HP, 97% water) to kill germs - if we're sick, I do that more often. I also change the heads out every few months with a brand new one to keep the germ count low. ;)

    Valentine's Day Plans?

  28. 1) We switched to rechargeable toothbrushes since they are gentler to the gum line.

    2) I soak them in hot water, and some time in mouthwash liquid.

  29. I use a manual toothbrush and change it every few months.

  30. We use battery powered and change the brush heads. My kids are terrible about chewing on the bristles though.

    Have a great weekend.

  31. I have a regular manual toothbrush. I tried using the electric kind but I didn't like the way the movement felt on my teeth.

    I usually replace my toothbrushes every month.

    An Island Life

  32. I use a manual one and just change it regularly

  33. we use both...
    i have a rembrandt manual one... and then i dont know what kind of for the electric one..
    don't sanitize though, just throw them away


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