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Do You Have Cool Outdoor Toys For Your kids?

It's been over two years now since I mention the possibility of us getting a little play park area for our kids in our backyard. Our space isn't that big, but it could hold a nice trampoline or one of those nice backyard swing sets I've been dreaming of for the kids. 
The kids were much younger then and I wanted them to enjoy playing outside and not just listening for noisy rodents in the ground or running away from snakes. However the economy limited our options to food and bills and things still have not changed since then. 

I still would love to get good play toy for our back yard and one of my favorite (and way over budget!!!) of the backyard swing sets is this one: 

It has the swings and slides and picnic table area to sit and little spy house and soo many features! Any kid would go nuts for this! 

I remember hubby and I browsing through outdoor play sets and planning where we'd put what and why etc. It was good thing.

Or I can always downsize and I'm sure it would still be really fun!

I also remember when a friend offered me a little play house in their back yard that they had inherited when they purchases their home and I told them, I couldn't take it because we were on the verge of getting our own. If only I could have seen the future! :) 
C'est la vie

They still get to go to the park and enjoy the fun playsets and we've since then upgraded to big kids bikes for them which they LOVE. So my backyard swing sets dream didn't come through for them, but we are still very thankful for the toys we can afford and do have in our home. 

Do you have a backyard swing set?

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  1. Hi Collette! I never did get the swing set for my daughter either. I would have loved to have been able to. I remember how much fun I had when I was a kid when we had one in our backyard. My daughter is 17; hopefully, it might be something I can contribute to for my grandchildren someday.

  2. I grew up with a simple swing set as did my kids they loved it. We went to parks for the deluxe variety and loved that too :)

  3. one day...
    we will have one!

  4. We had the greatest stuff when I was a kid, but we also had a huge backyard. I don't think we will for Rainbow...
    My girls didn't care much for any of that stuff, but they loved their wagon (don't know why exactly).

  5. I was a single mother, and we lived in apartments, so no we never had a swing-set, but the kids did go up to the park where there was one.

  6. I remember WAY back in the day when my sister and I had one in our backyard that we used to play on EVERY day :)

    It wasn't much-I'm pretty sure my dad built it for us-but we had so much fun on it!

    I hope you get the great pleasure of seeing your kids play on their very own soon!

  7. I would love to own one for Trinity. I think it is great to have a swing set in the backyard, less trips to the park. :-)

  8. I think we need more land for this type of play structures. It's great though.


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