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I've been hit by a truck

I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

I've been terribly sick.  And it's the worse when it's only you, no husband, no family to help.

I kept thinking I should call my neighbor just in case something should happen, so the kids wouldn't be alone.

My body still aches and my skin is still a bit tender to the touch, but I can feel my strength coming back bit by bit.

I think it's just in time because my daughter is getting sick now. Lastnight I had to cuddle with her so she could relax into sleep. She is doing the dog bark. And if anything is sure about my little girl is that she is dramatic with EVERYTHING! But I can tell she is sick.

I'm praying that my son wont get it.

I kept wondering why the babysitter still brought her child each day even when I was too weak to say a proper hello sometimes. I told her exactly what I had and she could see that I was sick.
As a studying nurse, you'd think she'd make the decision not to put her child in an unhealthy situation.  She still has not.

But honestly, I felt that her coming was hopeful for me because if anything should happen, she'd find me.

But I kept hoping she'd make a decision to keep her baby away for awhile.

I think I would.

Maybe she just doesn't have any other options right now.

So for now I'm trying really hard to keep things clean, washed etc so that the baby doesn't get sick.
It will be a whole other matter keeping her away from my sick daughter.

I guess I should say TGIF then eh.

So far she is laying here with me all morning.  Now to get her to eat a bite to keep nutrients going in.

Keep us in prayers loves.

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  1. Oh no! How awful! I'm sorry you feel so sick. I wish I could help you. Sending many healing prayers your way. Get well soon! xox

  2. Oh man...I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I feel you, I too have no family here to help out should something so bad happens. But you know, we are staying tough!
    I hope you feel better soon, and nothing so bad should happen. and that your little girl will get better soon too.

  4. I hope you feel better! I'm a terrible person when I'm ill..

  5. Aw Callie, I'm sorry you and your daughter are sick :(

    I know how you feel though-I've been going through the same thing for awhile now too. I think it is the time of year because A LOT of people are also sick.

    Just keep up that rest and those fluids and hopefully you'll be back up and around in no time! You're all in my thoughts :)

  6. I hope you feel better soon! Nothing like being sick and then having the kiddo's getting sick.

    I was a babysitter for some friends of ours...If my kids would get sick, I would call her and advise her not to drop the kids off...she didn't get it either! Still brought them. Only if they were throwing up would she keep them away.

    I guess people think differently than we do! :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by. Vitamin C, Orange juice, chicken soup & spray the house with Lysol to kill them germs. Tea with honey is always good for the throat! Feed a cold, starve a fever they say! Plenty of liquids & plenty of rest. Get well & I'm sure we all will pray for a speedy recovery for both of you!

  8. Gees, it's too bad that you are sick and still have to take care of all those people. I tell you, mothers and women just have it so rough in general.Never can lay down for a rest even when our health is shot!

  9. Hope you and your little one are feeling better soon...

  10. Oh no! I'm so sorry you have been sick. I hope someone will help you so you can get some rest.

    (hugs)...and I miss your face :(

  11. hope yall are better...
    it headed our way...
    broxton was sick... gave it to me.


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