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Kindergarten Valentine

A note was sent home with my son that he should bring a card and candy to exchange on Valentine's Day.  We went shopping and he wanted to buy the whole class cards and chocolate because of course they are all his best friends! 
I told the big-hearted five year old that he could get two cards and two candy instead of just one. 
He wrote in it and we tied pretty bow on the card and chocolate so he could give whomever he wanted to make smile. 
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When he got home yesterday he was in candy heaven with all the cards and candy he received from other students in his class!!!
I must say I was quite surprised. I had thought since they only said, one card, that each child would just exchange with one other student. 

Then the teacher sent me a note asking me who D's cards and chocolates were for? 
I wrote her a note letting her know that I have no idea. The school note said he should bring a card and candy, no peanuts, so they can exchange on Valentines Day. I'm assuming they would exchange with other students." 

Seriously I don't get it. 

Anyway, D has this one particular girl who just hangs all over him and she apparently brought a super big card for him, but had to take it back home because the teacher said it was too big :) 

He is five!!! 

My baby is five and he is all wrapped up in Valentines. 

I did get both my son and daughter a box of chocolates too, so that's extra loot. It will be interesting to see how much of his sweets he'll be sharing with his sister.

However I'm a candy grinch. I say that he can have a candy after homework each day and that's it.  Sometimes he is alright with it, other times he is upset as he wants to eat them all. Not in my house baby boy, or not until you know how to be more deceitful and hide and eat it anyway, which I'll still find out if you do :) 

At least the kids had a fun time at school. I don't remember ever having anything like that in my school, but then again, American schools are very different from others.

This is a first experience for me so at least next time I'll understand to give baby girl a bag of loot for her classmates. 

Enjoy your chocolates mi amigos!


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  1. Hi! Glad to see your son is enjoying Kindergarten:) This IS a funny example of a culture thing! I remember we always exchanged with the class as kids. Kids should have little fun days like this! I enjoyed this one extra because my little girl got so into it. Hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day:)

  2. We never had that in Europe either.

    It was strange to me the first time my oldest now 13 was suppose to exchange it with all kids in preschool.

    He no longer does it, but my 3rd grader is all into it. Their class made special Valentine boxes for each child and left it on their desks on Valentine's day. At the end of the day they checked out their sweet loot,lol.

    Every year we make heart shaped sugar cookies with kids initials on them and give them away with little card.It's fun.

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  4. A little secret: the boys never get the message to you. Girls usually get it right, pass it on to you, but boys - forget it! lol

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww That's too cute! Why didn't you buy him a box of valentines they have for kids. There's about 20 0f them in there isn't it? I've seen them at the Dollar store! Five yrs. old is such an impressionable age too! Too cute!

  6. Aw, how adorable is that! I remember those days, but I don't think I was ever as popular as your son ;)

    It sounds like you got quite a sugar stash in the house though! I don't blame you for pulling the grinch card though-Too much sugar is not a good thing!

    Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you!

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  8. Interesting! What does it matter if the card is too big? Funniest thing I ever heard. Anyhow, sounds like your boy is already mr. charms, I guess you will be having a lot of visitors in ten/ twelve years.


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