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The Butterfly Affect

I miss the butterflies. 
In my country they are all around all the time and they are so pretty. I remember chasing them as a child and as an adult I'd walk behind them and then watch as they float away somewhere or just pitch on each plant as if to say hello. 
I never took them for granted, but since I've moved here to the US, I can count on one hand the amount of butterflies I've seen. 

I miss them. 

1. Do you have butterflies around you?
2. Have you ever touched one of them? 

Sunday after church the husband decided to take us out for a drive and then to eat. I love driving out instead of just going back home.  My kids don't seem to appreciate this good thing just yet. 

We finally ended up at Ruby Tuesdays. We got a new waitress who was training.  I swear to you I seem to ALWAYS get the new people, or the cranky ones or the NEW ones who can't recheck to see because they are afraid of their supervisors and etc. 

She didn't bring a menu for the kids. When we asked if they had one, she said, yes and brought only one.

It was the first time I ever wanted hot tea from a restaurant and I didn't order it because I didn't want her to have to do anything extra as you could tell her attitude unwilling. 

We wanted to know if a certain food was an appetizer and she said she didn't know because she was new and instead of going to ask, she just stood there and looked at us. 

So we decided to just order and  hope she got that right. I told myself that everyone has to start somewhere and she was probably nervous anyway. 
I think God likes this game. 
Anyway we ordered (dh and I actually ordered the same thing) pasta with mushrooms and some other stuff. The food was very unremarkable. No wonder I can't even remember the name. For the first time eva since I know dh, he asked for a to go box for himself too! 

It was my first time at Ruby Tuesdays and I honestly don't want to try them again. We'll see. 

What is your foodie thing for this week?

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  1. Yes, we do in the garden. They are not so pretty though. They seemed to be tan all the time. I would love to see some colorful ones like the picture you posted above.
    I have touched some when I was younger, they have powdery wings.

  2. Goodness me, I think I'd have been slightly irritated by the waitresses attitude. They often forget that customers pay their wages!!

    I like going out for a drive too, it's such a nice change than staying round the house all day, and especially now the weather's getting nicer.

    CJ xx

  3. I see them around but not as often because ofthe that Spring time is arriving I am seeing them a lil bit more! *smile*
    I can't say that I have really touched them...I will chase them but I never tried catching or touching them...they are SO Beautiful I just rather see them! Enjoy the rest of ya Lovely Friday, ma! *smile*

  4. I've never been to Ruby Tuesdays. Maybe I will never go there. I love Applebee's and I always have great experiences at Applebee's.
    Sometimes, I like to help out new waitresses, like tell them exactly what I need her to do, but some of them have no common sense that is really annoying.

  5. I love butterflies... I even had them on my wedding cake : ) We do have butterflies around us and have had one land on me when I was younger!

  6. I'm in Texas and in the spring we will have hundreds of Monarch butterflies migrating from Mexico through Texas. It's beautiful.

  7. I so love your question today. Really made me stop and realize that we are always in a hurry and don't notice the beauty around us. We start seeing butterflies in New England in the Spring/Summer. And yes, as a child, I did get to hold one in my hand. Beautiful question.

  8. Where I'm at, even in the Spring and Summer we don't see a lot of butterflies-However I did a guide reading last year with a lovely lady who told me that butterflies are a symbol that we are on the right path, so every time you see a butterfly in your path, know you're life is going the right way :)

    It was very lovely and has stuck with me ever since!

    Boy, am I sorry that you guys didn't have a good time out-Unfortunately, you do get those people who just don't seem to care. If she was new and was sweet and actually TRYING, then I wouldn't mind, but when they cop a tude, it's a different story >.<

    Happy Friday!

  9. We have butterflies and sometimes they will land in your hand if you stand really still.

  10. We do have butterflies - Princess Nagger even caught one on the steps of her school bus and brought it home to let it live in our yard. ;)

    Our experience at Ruby Tuesday's was forgettable, too. :)

    Spring Awakening

  11. I love butterflies! Even have a tatt of one...over done, I know..but still.

    Yeah, we have them here...but I LOVE going to the zoo to the butterfly house..amazing!

  12. Now that I think about it, I rarely see butterflies around my home. I've been to a butterfly farm once and had one land on my arm. :-)

    An Island Life

  13. We do see butterflies around here but I have never ever touched one. The kids love seeing them.

    I have heard that about Ruby Tuesdays...that it is pretty unforgetable. We have one in a town close by but it is just far enough away not to try it. Now for sure I won't.

    Happy Weekend!

  14. Oh we use to go there! They usually have great food, but they give you sooooo much! Years ago I use to be a waitress, so I know what it's like & what they have to go through, but there's no excuse for attitude & it seems those are the ones I find. lol My husband says I cook to well for us to go out to eat. That's when he gets a love tap TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Mama needs a break! LOL Have a good weekend my friend!

  15. Yes, we have butterflies all the time and I touch them only if they allow it. They do that when they do not fly when you offer your fingers. Some don't like to be touched.

    My foodie thing for the week is a new ice cream flavor which I will try tomorrow. They just texted me to check new flavors ;-)

  16. I haven't seen any yet this spring, but summer months are busy with them all around.

  17. I don't really see butterflies around unless we are at the park.. food this week.. we were mostly having sandwiches..the boys love ham and cheese sandwiches.

  18. Hi following you from
    Social Parade Friday!
    Hope you visit me and
    return the follow!:0)

  19. 1) In the summer, we have butterflies, and they are so pretty to see. I miss them too.

    2) In my old country, we used to catch butterflies, so yes I had touched them. Now, I just took pictures, and no touch since I'm afraid they will die..

  20. 1) No butterflies yet, just wonderful and pretty skippers so far.

    2) I did touched butterflies' wings before, but no longer wish to harm them now..I guess I'm growing wiser, and more earth friendly!

  21. I am following you on google connect from "Boost My Blog Friday"! Cute blog;-)

    Jeanette Huston


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