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Patience With Blogger - New dashboard designs and other features

I started with blogger and I'm still here. To be honest  I am always holding out hope that blogger will continue to make their format better and easier to work with and they are trying.

So it's always great to read of new updates and templates and all the little goodies that blogger are implementing.

Of course I'm not all that blogger loyal, because in truth , if I had the money and knew it would be steady, I'd pay for my own domain and move to wordpress because of their neat pages and all the options they offer.

But I'm still here and every now and then I see progress with blogger that for me, rewards my patience.

So visit Blogger Buster and check out some of the fun things going on.

Blogger's Forthcoming Features - New Dashboard, Post Editor, Content Discovery and more!

original dash

 New dash.

Read more exciting changes on blogger buster or on your dash under blogger buzz.

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  1. Yup I'm still a blogger lover. so simple and free :) But I can't wait for some of the new changes.

  2. I'm with you-Honestly, I really do love, love, LOVE blogger because it's free and relatively easy to use, but if I had the option and the cash, I'd LOVE to have my own domain name :)

    Thanks for blogging about this! I must be behind on all the new features and whatnot!


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