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A Scoop Of Goodness

I see it and it says ice cream. 
I've always wanted one. Do they really kick out the scooped cream like that?  I think it would make me actually want to do dessert more often. 

So do you have one of these ice cream scoops? Or do you have a regular one? 
2. Do you put toppings on your ice cream?
I love strawberries or almonds with my ice cream. 

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  1. i like fudge and whip cream on my ice cream

  2. I have a regular scoop.

    I like hot fudge and chopped pecans on my ice cream.

  3. I don't really like those style scoops, we use a "regular one" with a pointy tip to make scooping a bit easier.

    Whipped cream and chocolate sauce and I'm a happy girl!

  4. We have a regular scoop. I live strawberry flavored ice cream, and bits and pieces of strawberries.

  5. I have a regular scoop. I'm actually not that big a fan of ice cream. On the rare occasion that I have ice cream, I prefer a chocolate malt or hot fudge sundae.

  6. I have a regular one that I rarely use : )
    I love almonds!!

  7. We actually have three of those scoops. Three different sizes but we usually use them for cookies.
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  8. When I do indulge in ice cream, it's in a bowl with a spoon so I just spoon it out of the container, no scoop for me. As for toppings, I love pure Canadian Maple Syrup Yum!!

  9. No ice cream scoop although we should have invested in a nice one like the one pictured LONG ago...I have a couple of my 6 kids that are total ice cream addicts.
    Me? love a creamy vanilla sundae with caramel, cashews and toffee bits and a mountain of canned whipped cream. Cherry on top please! Yeah, I know...a heart attack in a bowl but I dont have it much!

  10. I have an ice cream scoop but it doesn't work that well so I use a regular spoon.

    Just tried the PUREX Crystals and love them.

    Happy Friday!

  11. My weakness is ice cream and I take what I can get! hehehehe - nope no toppings except sometimes chocolate syrup, but not often.

  12. Hello - LOVE your blog.. I'm visiting from follow along fridays.. ;)) Hope you have a moment to visit me @
    Super excited to get to share in your blog experience.. "Official new follower" ;))

  13. I have three different ice cream scoops, but the 'old fashioned' one my mom gave me when I moved out still works the best! Sometimes I like toppings on my ice cream, but if it's flavored ice cream, then none. ;)

    Aloha: Germy Shopping Carts

  14. mmmmmm chocolate peanut butter ice cream...scoop, spoon anyway I can get it..doesn't matter and has to have jimmies on it.

  15. We have a scoop but I don't like using it -- I seem to be scoop challenged :-) My DH on the other hand loves it.

    I usually just put hot fudge on my ice cream -- lots and lots of hot fudge!


  16. We have a regular scoop. I like hot fudge and nuts on my ice cream. I like it best in a banana split!

  17. I have one from Pampered Chef that takes the warmth of your hand and heats up the scoop just enough...I love it.

    My favorite topping is Butterscotch...lots and lots!

  18. Hello,
    Following you from Boost My Blog! Please stop by and say hi...and follow me too :)
    Thanks and have a great day!

  19. We have an ice cream scoop but I prefer to use a spoon!

  20. I have a regular one and one of these, smaller, which IMO is a melon-baller but can be used for ice cream. Either one works fine for me/us. :D Aloha!

  21. I have a regular scoop but we very seldom eat ice cream. I used to love it with nut toppings, hot chocolate and whipped cream, maybe even a banana or strawberry topping. When I was little we used to churn our own ice cream. Now that stuff is delish and no scoop needed.

    I would be honored if you would visit me and pick up your award. Take care and God bless!

  22. We have a standard scoop that works great.

  23. we have an ice cream scoop..
    but not like that...
    we had one like that where i used to work... lol, didn't like it that much...
    although, we used it to dish out scoops of mashed potatoes and it looked cute! ha ha

  24. I am so sorry I missed your post on Friday. Thank you for always supporting our Friday Food Fight. You're a doll. xox

    My mom has had a scoop like that for years, like since I was a kid and yes, they really do pop out the scoop. I have a Pampered Chef ice cream scoop (probably the only Pampered Chef thin I own) and that works really well.

    Sprinkles on soft serve ice cream are a must for me. Some people call them jimmies.

  25. I don't have a scoop like that, but would love one! Ice cream is a favorite in our house, on hot summer days, topped with sprinkles of course! That ice cream looks pretty yummy! :-)

  26. I have a regular scoop, and I don't put any topping on it usually!

  27. Hi Colette, I have a couple of those scoopers. I love them. The right tools make life easier. I like to top my ice cream with peanuts if there's any.


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