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Send Me Some Aloha!

Blogger is like old faithful to me and it's good to see them making better changes so we can enjoy this platform better. 

So Questions: 

1. Have you seen the new features on how you can view other blogs?

2. Do you like these changes? 

This has been a hellish two weeks for me and I'm numb. I honestly have no idea what direction to go in, so in my numbness, it's all about the pizza. Another good old faithful. Sigh.

What is your foodie thing for this week?

I am also joining in with Friday Follow. So if you happen to visit and follow me, I will definitely be returning the love. Just let me know that you do in a comment.


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  1. 1. No, I'm not aware of any changes at Blogger. Guess I have some catching up to do.
    2. My foodie thing is always a hot vanilla latte.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  2. I think it's great that Blogger keeps upgrading! I love pizza too...and every day!

  3. Yes, I saw that with the thumbnails... not sure how that will work, but it is kinda fun.

    This week I am decorating a cake for a class and going to make kale chips off of a recommendation.

  4. I have seen them, but I'm not really sure if I understand the changes or what I need to do about them. :-) I think I like the timesline one the best through.

  5. I saw the changes but haven't really played around yet... I'm still learning : )

  6. Saw the changes, don't think I'll be using them.

    I love pizza. Any time. Any day.

  7. My kids love pizza too..
    Haven't seen the blogger changes as I don't use blogger.

  8. I don't use blogger, so I wasn't aware of the change.

  9. Hi Colette, I read the new options in blogger today. I like it, I don't go to those pages much. I read from my dashboard.
    Thanks for linking up and participating this week. Have a good one.

  10. I stopped using Blogger last summer, so I haven't paid attention to any changes... ;)

    Aloha: April Fools!

  11. 1) Boy, I'm behind time..I haven't notice the changes on Blogger..Some changes are good, but some are just too confusing to bother.

    2) My foodie thing this week seems like chocolate cookies!

  12. I didn't realize there were changes - interesting

  13. Foodie for the week has to be noodles, with broth or just stir fried..I can eat them all day..

    As far as changes on blogger, I'll stay with whatever the simplest way to go..

  14. That looks like a lot of ways for blog publicity and access to blogs. That's great, but I don't know about blogspot so much and I don't keep up with it. I still rely on subscription to RSS for my blog-following needs.

  15. I knew they were busy making changes but hadn't explored any of them...they are pretty cool! :) I am excited since I don't really want to move to WP and pay!

  16. I just saw something about that when I logged into Blogger this morning. I haven't really had a chance to check it out yet, though.

    Happy Friday!

  17. I was not aware of the changes to blogger but I am going to go check them out. I have been out of the blogging world for a while but I must get out of the Zynga games and back into blogging :)

    My food is chinese, any kind.

    Have a happy Friday! I hope you can find the right direction to turn.

  18. As someone that blogs in WP, I had heard that there were Blogger changes - nothing more really.

    This week I have been really into my Keurig coffee with Coffee-Mate.

  19. I have seen the new features, but I'm a creature of habit so I have not used them yet.

    Lovely photo of you!
    Have a great weekend :)

  20. I've heard about the changes but I haven't really toyed with them. They seem cool but pretty useless. I guess if I see for myself, I may change my mind. lol
    And food? I'm on a jelly bean kick at the moment. :)

  21. I'm glad that Blogger is making some great changes!

  22. 1. blogger level up!
    2. I like pizza,but cake is the food for the day for me

  23. To answer your questions:

    1. No, I wasn't aware Blogger made any changes, but not that I am, I'm going to have to do a little checking out :)

    2. My foodie thing is yet to be decided-Since I'm on such a restricting diet, it's hard to figure out things o.O

    I hope you're feeling better today!

  24. have not really played with it...
    so, not sure...
    food? been on a salad kick again! YUM!!!!
    hope things start looking up for you

  25. Oh I haven't seen the changes :/ Will check out it soon!
    I love potatoes... I can eat potato-anything whole day!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is really nice!

    Enjoy your week!

  26. Chips and Salsa!! Also White Cheese popcorn is one of our favorite 'Comfort' foods! At least for Us... :-)


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