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Trade It At - Swap Children's Clothes And Toys!

Babies grow up so fast! I remember getting lots of really good second hand clothing for my kids when they were newborns to toddler and I was so grateful! 
I would love to do this swap thing but my kids are past the age limit on the clothing but I just have to share this with you! 

Have you heard about this fun site call Thredup? 

You can swap clothes or toys your child has outgrown for ones they'll use and browse through listings of thousands of boxes containing an average of 15 items with descriptions of the sizes and colors. 

You then pick a box, describe the items you want to trade and for $5 plus shipping, you'll receive your chosen box and an empty one to send in your items. 

The site relies on user ratings to monitor the quality of goods, and 98% of the boxes are rated 3 or 4 stars! 

Go visit and check them out and share with your mom friends. 

This was not a paid post. See my disclosure

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  1. thanks girl!
    I am telling you... LOVE THRED UP
    I just got in another box today...
    Size 3T/4T...
    It was like 13 shirts and a PJ set...
    Awesome quality and great brands!
    All for 15.95 total!!!
    Can't be beat!!!!
    The box I "swapped"? My sons 3-6 month clothes!

  2. Oh I can tell you love it! I feel your excitement!
    That is really great though. Definitely a site to be shared!
    Thanks for introducing them!

  3. What a great idea!

    Hope you are enjoying a lovely week :)

  4. I just love the idea of this site!

  5. I am glad you liked the post :) It had been bugging me not knowing where it came from. Love your picture on your profile and button. Its a great picture!

  6. sounds pretty cool if you ask me


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