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Our Eating Arrangement With Aloha!

I want a dining room table. Whenever we can afford one I'd love to purchase one. I'd prefer one against the wall with a bench. I wouldn't mind some bold colors too. I can't help it, I'm a Caribbean girl :) 
So far the family eat on a tiny little center table or just sit anywhere around the living room. Yes we make do. 
I'm not new to this, we do the same in my country :) 

1. Do you have a dining room table? 
2. When you were a child, did you have a dining room table in your home?

This week was all about my baked fish with rice and steam and raw vegetables! My son actually tells me he LOVES my broccoli! Which kid ever says that!! (I don't take a great food photo, but alas tis mine :D

What is your foodie thing for this week?

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  1. When I was growing up we had a dining room table. However, it was mostly unused.

    Now, we just have a kitchen table and NO room for a dining room.
    Our set up at the moment suits us just find though!

    My Aloha Friday-

  2. Yes we have a tall table... growing up most of the time we had a table~ I can remember once when we did not and my dad had made one with plywood : )

  3. We don't have one, but when my kids were growing up I had a dining room, with the table and china cabinet. When I was growing up no we did not have one, but my gramma did. Happy Easter to you, and yours.

  4. We had one growing up and ate there every night. We have one now and when the kids were little we ate at it every night, but now we only do when we have company.

  5. We have a dining table and grew up with a dining table. Now and before, I really never got used to eating on the table. That's why it's always a party when we DO eat at the dining table.

  6. We always had a dining table in the house and we eat our meals there still. Recently we added another 4 chairs to our table as the existing 4 chairs are not enough to use for our expanding family.

  7. Yes we have a dinning room table. Yes we had one as I was growing up. We eat from it every evening.

  8. We have a dining room table now, and we had one as I was growing up. However, we mostly eat at the kitchen table.

  9. We don't have a dining room table but I did have one when I was growing up. I don't really have a formal dining room in my house so no dining room table. :)

  10. We have a dining room table, but it's rarely used for dining! :)

    We did have a dining room table growing up - we always had our family dinners there. My favorite, though, was our kitchen table with booth seating - it was more cozy/fun - us kids ate breakfast and lunch there every day. :)

    Be Kind 2 Earth Day - Aloha

  11. We have a useless yet, beautiful table. We would use ours when I was a kid.

    Have a great Friday!

  12. No we don't have a dining room table. We had one when I was growing up and it was used for special occasions. However it's used more now that I'm an adult when we go over to visit for holidays and other celebrations.

  13. We DO have a dining room table in our house, but it's extremely old-Apparently my dad has been promising my mom dining room table and chairs since they got married and they've been married for 23 or so years now. Lol

    And when I was growing up, I don't remember a table-I'm sure we had one though, I just don't remember ^.^

    Happy Friday!

  14. Yes we bought a dining room table right before we got married, replaced it since it was not new 2 years later with a beautiful table that we still have! Yes, I grew up with a dining room table and we always ate together, every day!

  15. we have a dining room table...
    (only have 2 chairs that are able to be used now)

  16. Thanks for stopping by, and already following you. Also, I have no dining room & not as a kid either. Happy Easter.

  17. All we have is a dining room table! Grew up with one too. :)

  18. We only have a dining room table. No room in our kitchen for anything. We got this table from my aunt when we first got married - a hand-me-down of sorts.

  19. We have a dining table in our dining room, but no eat in kitchen so it's more of a kitchen table than a formal table. When I was growing up we had an eat-in kitchen and a formal dining room. But we only used it on holidays.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. I say we have a dining table but my husband would argue that it's my work desk. :-)

    An Island Life

  21. We have a dining room table, it gets some action now and then, but we eat in the kitchen most of the time.
    Yes, my parents never used theirs either unless there is a huge gathering. :-)


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